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Discussion in 'Test Area' started by redneck69, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Miss America, Teresa Scanlan..This pic was from last fall during our United Way Duck Dash.  I volunteer for this great cause and so did she.  Shes wearing the red and white coat and i'm standing above her in the pic with the black Husker cap and camo jacket on.

  2. jirodriguez

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    Course what he doesn't tell you is that, that is his wife standing between them with the smile that says "you look at her and I will rip your eyes out their sockets!" [​IMG]

    LOL... just kidding! Great job volunteering! [​IMG]
  3. scarbelly

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    Hey Jonnie it appears that there are two women keeping him out of harms way. She is 17 right ? LOL

    Hey Redneck - great of you to volunteer and support that great charity - thank you [​IMG]

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