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  1. I decided to purchase a Masterbuilt propane smoker as my first smoker. I then decided to do a 6.6 pound pork shoulder as my first smoke after reading numerous articles. This is where it gets interesting from the chips not smoking (I've since read that I should be using blocks), to the varying degree of temperatures (since has leveled off), and from a stall at 154 for 2 hours (decided to wrap it with foil after I could take it any longer).

    I guess my questions are:

    When using the foil method with chips (I've got plenty of chips) on the stock tray I went thru about 6 packets thru the smoking. Is this normal?

    I also bought a cast iron skillet to use with open chips, but in the beginning it seemed like they went really fast even on top of the stock tray and in the cast iron. Any tips?

    Spritzing: For it, against it, or in different?

    That's about all I can think of for now other than does it get any easier? lol
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    Tech, welcome to the forum.   I'm not familiar with your smoker.  There are plenty of people here who will be along shortly to help you.   I can tell you, that once you foil, your don't need to add smoke.  Just a good steady heat.

    There really is not point in spritzing.   The butts will stay plenty moist without it.  I never inject a butt either.    Find a good rub (Jeffs is awesome)  and go for it.   If you like a good bark on your pork, don't foil.  You have to ride the stall out, but it does create a good bark.   The foil will leave the outside moist and soft and help get through the stall.  Once you reach 200 IT  foil and let rest in a cooler.  Not sure if that helped you any,  I'm not the best at explaining stuff. 

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    I hope any of that helps.  It looks like this is your first post.  When you have a chance, stop over in the Roll Call forum to introduce and tell a little about yourself.  It'll let other members get to know you a little, and allows them to give you a proper SMF welcome.

  4. I have the Masterbuilt Duel-Fuel Pro (Two door) and had some similar issues.  I tried the cast iron skillet as others have recommended and also had problems with burning through chips.  I switched to Chunks, and took the stock chip pan and plugged up about 80% of the vents with alum foil.  My chip pan has three "slits" or whatever where the heat/flame enters; I basically rolled up some foil that roughly fit the opening and jammed it in there for all the slits.  Now the chunks smoke nice and slowly, I use about 6 chunks on a pork shoulder (12+ hours).  I run with the bottom vents about half open and the top vent open all the way to reduce the chance of creosote. 

    I also recommend sealing the door, either with Silicone RTV sealant or silicone window sealant.  You can see how I sealed mine with window sealant here

     I recommend on long smokes to use a half-size steaming tray instead of the stock water pan.  I just put it on the lowest shelf since I'm never using all the space in the smoker. I think these are the ones I bought

    I don't recommend spritzing.  For my shoulders right now I do a really simple but really good rub of Lawry's season salt and coarse-ground black pepper (go heavy on both.) If I'm doing multiple butts I will wrap one when it stalls to have less bark and leave one unwrapped to crisp up.  After resting and pulling I use SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce, can't say enough good things about it.

    Good luck!
  5. Thanks legacyofbob. I also tried the cast iron and had the same issue with the chips catching fire. I'll have to add the sealant since I noticed smoke leaking out of the door.
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    Before I want with the tube smoker and pellets, I used to get a cheap foil pan, load it with chunks/chips, cover with heavy duty foil, punch some holes in the top and put it in the smoker in place of the chip pan.  It worked great. But not that I went with the pellets and the tube, no problems and I can go right around 4 hours continuous with smoke and not having to worry about adding chunks or chips almost every hour.

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