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Discussion in 'Pork' started by downstatesmoker, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. I picked up a pork butt from the butcher yesterday (already on the smoker as of this morning). It is just a gorgeous piece of meat. I washed it off and the meat just feels silky smooth, great color, almost no fat needed to trim off it and still 8 #'s.

    I liberally injected the butt with a mixture of Fab-P, Apple Juice, and Pineapple Juice then liberally dusted with rub. Drop in some honey on top and let it go to sleep for the night:

    I brought it out this morning (see above) and it is now sitting on the smoker at between 225 and 250.

    I'll keep you updated as the smoke goes on.
  2. jaxgatorz

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    You are off to a great start.. Keep us posted !![​IMG]
  3. uncle_lar

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    you sure have a nice Butt ! [​IMG]
  4. mballi3011

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    Now that is a good looking and huge butt you have there. You are really off to a good start so keep us posted on your progress.
  5. TY. I won't tell my wife, she might get jealous.
  6. scarbelly

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    Wow that looks great - do you need me to PM my address?
  7. smokeguy

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    That is a pretty hunk of meat for sure!

    What is Fab-P that you injected it with?
  8. Don't know that it would travel that well, besides it'd have to get past me :)
  9. flyfishjeep

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    That is a great looking butt. Just remember this is a family forum so keep things PG[​IMG]
    Looks like it is going to turn out great. I have one on the smoker as well. Keep us posted!
  10. Closest thing I can describe it as is a pork bouillon. It comes in a powder for and you add 2 cups liquid to ever 1 cup of the powder. It smells and tastes great, sweet, and a little bit salty.

    As I said, pork bouillon is probably the best description I have of it.

    People on the board have told me to be wary of using pineapple juice as it breaks down the meat and can make the meat mushy, but I haven't had that issue. Works well for me.

    I'll end up bringing the butt up to 205 then wrapping and letting it rest in a warm oven.

    Will pull it tonight then let it cool off. Wrap it up and freeze it. I'll defrost it next week and toss it with some apple juice in an oven at 200 degrees for a couple of hours. Should come back up to temp nicely.
  11. Well where's your qview?
  12. Up to 104.

    On the grill, getting a nice bark.
  13. werdwolf

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    Tell me more about the honey. (he says with intrigue)

    It doesn't just melt off or burn? Does it actually add to the bark?
  14. Well this is one that may be more superstition then reality but I like to think it adds to the bark.

    The bark on my PP tends to be sweet and spicy.
  15. irishteabear

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    Looking good.
  16. old poi dog

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    I'm hungry. How much longer? [​IMG]
  17. Pulled it earlier then usual to wrap (was only about 130) but the bark was so pretty I didn't want it to get too much darker.
  18. So the meat went on around 10:30AM. I pulled it off the smoker around 12:45 AM, about 10 hours or so. Really should not have taken that long.

    The probes were reading in the 185-195 range depending on where in the meat they were placed.

    The meat rested for over an hour in a preheated (then shut down) oven and practically pulled itself once I got to it. It was scrumptious.

    Currently in the fridge. If it wasn't 2:15AM I probably would be chowing down.

    Going to freeze it tomorrow. Will reheat next week for my friends birthday party.

    Hope you enjoyed the post.
  19. jak757

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    Fantastic Qview. Looks like some amazing PP. I like your approach. Great job![​IMG]
  20. Thanx. Worked for me but I will be dmnd as to why the temp never got above 185-190. Pulled beautifully and tasted oh so spicy sweet.

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