Third run in the smoker, BRISKET TIME!!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by ryanc91, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. ryanc91

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    Stopped by my local butcher and talked smoking and determined it's brisket time. Got about a 6 pounder and plan on getting out there at 7 am and getting it going. It's been in a dry rub for 24 hours! Anybody got any tips! I'll be running the smoker around 225-240 all day
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  2. ryanc91

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    And we're off
  3. smokinal

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  4. adam c

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    Woohoo! Looks nice. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  5. 3montes

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    Best advice with brisket is be patient. 6lbs is small as far as briskets go so 8 to 10 hours should get you there. Brisket more than any other meat benefits from low and slow in my opinion. I spritz a little more often with brisket usually a beef broth and whiskey mixture. Lots of good recipes here as Al pointed out. Best of luck don't forget the pics!
  6. ryanc91

    ryanc91 Newbie

    Had to take one quick peak and give it a little apple juice spritz
  7. ryanc91

    ryanc91 Newbie

    Cruising along at 230-40. Got pecan wood chips in there. Smell and looks absolutely amazing
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  8. ryanc91

    ryanc91 Newbie

    Wow that brisket was incredible. Cut like butter!
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  9. keitha

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    Good lookin' food, Ryan!

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