Third butt/pork collar?

Discussion in 'For New Members' started by fileip, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. fileip

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    New try

    2.5lb pieces, rufus teague rub and added mainly garlic and onion powder, chili, salt and some herbs

    Having some issues with temperature after a while. Hard to maintain steady temp with smoke production. Using coal and hickory chunks mainly.

    Wife and kids gardening while i went for mcdonalds. Upon returning the coal wasnt burning.

    Meat looking like this

    To be continued. Hopefully without having to relight it!
  2. fileip

    fileip Newbie

    Worked quite well
    One fir dinner, the other one is still on to become pulled pork

  3. fileip

    fileip Newbie

    Took it off at 199. Crust seems nice, rosemary not burnt so probably no big problem with temp spikes.

    My biggest concern is the problem with having to relight the coal. How do you handle to little burning (pardon my english)?
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  4. mike5051

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    You need slightly more air if your coals go out.  I keep my exhaust wide open and just a sliver for the inlet air vents.

    "Points" for that great smoke!

  5. fileip

    fileip Newbie

    OK! I've been worrying about temp rising too much and kept the exhaust with just a small opening. Will try that next time! Thanks for your advice

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