Thinking of doing my first bacon

Discussion in 'Bacon' started by smokinpapist, Feb 5, 2016.

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    So, I'm thinking of picking up a belly tomorrow and have a couple of questions. First, as I'm diabetic, can a cure be done that doesn't involve using sugar? Second, for a first time should I cold smoke or hot smoke it? Thanks in advance for the help.
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    Check this thread

    Also if you'll dig a little I know Pop has a Splender vice sugar recipe floating around in here also.

    Cold smoke vs warm smoke, I recommend you try them both and make up your own mind. Me, I warm smoke., never above 120 IT. My meat has a nice texture, no rendering, and the amount of smoking time, cuts drastically. 

    It also depends upon your geographic region as well as your smokers abilities.

    Again I suggest you try both and see whats right for you.
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    What Kevin said, Pops recipe.

    Personally I cold smoke bacon, It going to get cooked anyway & it seems to be crispier if it's cold smoked.

  4. [​IMG] i as well warm smoke,


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