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Discussion in 'ECB Owners Group' started by gdunn, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. gdunn

    gdunn Newbie

    I've seen several places where you can do the mods and what mods can be done. Can someone direct me to a good place with all the mods complete with pictures so I don't get confused and destroy a cheap smoker?

    I was directed here by another new member. This will be my first smoker and first time to smoke anything.. I've grilled a ton, but want to learn to smoke.
  2. grillmonkey

    grillmonkey Smoking Fanatic

  3. thinblueduke

    thinblueduke Meat Mopper

    This little smoker is a great little unit.  As long as you've got a little patience and curiosity, it'll treat you well.

    I don't know if I would recommend that video, though.  He starts talking about adding a third and maybe a fourth rack, which for me might be biting off a bit more than I could chew.

    If you've got the time, spend an afternoon or two researching the ECB here and elsewhere.  You can even do it during your first smoke.  I'd recommend the following mods in the following order:

    1. Drill holes in the charcoal pan.

    2. Add a grate to the charcoal pan to lift the coals up off of the bottom.

    3. Move the legs to the outside of the unit (no need to drill new holes).

    4. Find two bricks to set the charcoal pan on (bricks should be wide-side-down).

    5. Don't use charcoal briquettes, because they generate too much ash, which will clog your airways.  Use lump charcoal instead.

    6. Find a little meat thermometer, drill a tight hole in the dome opposite the warm/ideal/hot gauge, and slide it in. 

    After making the above mods, I'd say you're ready for your first few smokes.  Sit down and spend an afternoon with it.  For your first smoke, I'd recommend a pork butt, which is pretty low-maintenance but high-reward.

    I'm having a blast with my ECB, and would be happy to help you out if need be.  Do make sure to add your location to your profile.  It makes it easier for people to give you advice.
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  4. gdunn

    gdunn Newbie

    Good deal. Thanks.

    So I would need to do a meat thermometer, on the opposite side? Ok that's good to know. Any special bit to use? I've seen guys talking about using a step bit.

    Bricks are not a problem. I work construction, and luckily we have our brick masons on site at the moment.
  5. grillmonkey

    grillmonkey Smoking Fanatic

    Step bits are cone-shaped bits that cut progressively larger holes. Basically it allows you to cut large holes with a small drill.

  6. thinblueduke

    thinblueduke Meat Mopper

    The thermometer doesn't need to be on the opposite side, but that's where I put mine, just for aesthetics.
  7. gdunn

    gdunn Newbie

    I actually found a brinkmann gas grill thermometer. Looks like i'll be working on it this week, cure Friday, and smoke Saturday.
  8. thinblueduke

    thinblueduke Meat Mopper

    Good luck!  Make sure to post some Q-view (photos) when you can.
  9. gdunn

    gdunn Newbie

    Will do.

    Got most of my mods done last night. I'll post pictures later.

    - Installed the new thermometer.

    - Used bricks for the fire pan.

    - Bought a $15 grill used it's charcoal grate for my charcoal grate.

    - It had a flat metal air gap.. I've saved that for later.

    I was going to drill holes and put in screws to get the grate up higher. It failed, but the holes I drilled I made a little larger and did a pattern and will aid with the air flow into the charcoal pan.

    Right now, I'll cure smoke tonight and smoke tomorrow. Thanks for the help.

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