Thinking about a new smoker.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by darbinco, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. darbinco

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    I built a stick burning reverse flow smoker 3 or so years ago now. I did a build thread on it here.

    Its been a great unit and I've had zero complaints from the friends and family as to its effectiveness. I have only two issues with it and they are both related. Its a wood eater so it requires fairly constant attention. Its not so bad when the smoke can be done during the day but longer smokes require me to be up all night tending fire so longer smokes like brisket doesn't happen near as much as id like.

    Thinking about a gravity feed smoker like the Stumps, Southern Bred, Rebel, Assassin etc...
    Any preference on one over the other? They all pretty much work the same way. I'm liking the small Southern Bred unit that's got the built in air control. Looks like its big enough to do most all of my needs.

    What's the skinny, who's good to deal with, comes thru with their promises and delivers product on time?
  2. darbinco

    darbinco Fire Starter

    I find myself beginning to wonder if I posted this in the right forum?
  3. seenred

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    I'll give this a bump so maybe more members will see it.

    I don't own one, but I've always liked the looks of those Stumps gravity smokers. I think if I were going to start doing comps or catering, I'd look into one of those Stumps Classics...very nice looking rigs!

  4. Be interesting to watch

  5. darbinco

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    I don't do comps (really not interested in that either) but I do quite a bit of cooking for family and friends. The wife and I like to host get togethers and most everyone requests ribs and pulled pork. I've averaged around 40 racks of ribs, 8-10 pork butts, a flock of chickens and a turkey or two each season since building the large smoker. I'm looking for something with less maintenance than the big stick burner. The wood I burn isn't all that hard to get but what I've used this year already would last me years in a gravity unit. Sure id have to buy more charcoal, lump etc but I use that in my BGE already so stocking up on its not a big deal. I'm thinking a gravity feed unit with an air control is going to give me a bit more free time when cooking. It will surely allow me to sleep more at night doing briskets since I can't get anyone to come over and help me tend fire all night. LOL

    After sleeping on it a couple nights, I think the little Back porch unit from Southern Bred is out. Its a little small size wise and I have concerns about the built in temp control unit. Apparently it can't get wet and I'm betting its probably expensive to replace if needed. To go with their next size up unit the price is more than what I want to pay.

    Right now I'm thinking about a call to C&C Manufacturing for an Assassin in the morning. The size is right, they include options others charge extra for and the price can't be beat.
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  6. seenred

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    Wasn't familiar with Assassin, but I just checked out their website...nice looking rigs!  Gravity fed pits are all pretty much the same as far as design goes, so it's all about quality of workmanship and value for the money.  If the reviews on those Assassins are good, they seem like a good deal.

    Keep us posted on which way you go!  [​IMG]

  7. darbinco

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    I'm working on the purchase of the Assassin. My name is on the list, there's about 15 to build in front of me. They said it was about 2 months out.

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