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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by randycandy, May 15, 2013.

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    Yellow all. I want to build a small electric smoker and try my hand at smoking.  I got elements and temperature controllers. I'm been waiting to pick up a enclosure to use.

    Today I found a cabinet with a door in the front. It measures about 2' wide X 2' high X 3'

    deep. It has a SS top but the rest of it galvinized. Would this be a problem? The racks I use will be either SS or chrome plated. Would this be ok to use? Thanks!
  2. Hello and welcome.  Hopefully a member with more experience will be along soon to offer advice but here's my 2 cents:  Old Smokey sells a smoker that "looks" galvanized but is aluminized so is safe to use.  You won't be able to tell which process was used on this box but I'll bet it's galvanized.  For cold smoking it may be ok so long as the food doesn't touch the sides; but as I see you plan to add a heating element It's all about how hot you plan to smoke.  I welded for many years and have had mild cases of galvanize poisoning and it ain't nice!  My advice is your friend's and families' health ain't worth putting at risk.  I passed on a couple commercial coolers because they were galvanized inside.  The rack plan is fine.  Just my 2 cents, maybe someone here knows better than I do.
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    Thank you for the reply! That iis all I need to know. I'll wait for another box to come my way!

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