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  1. Did some thighs, kielbasa, beans, and a fatty. Took about 1.75 hours at 275. Had a little trouble...shut it down to open it and had a hard time getting the temp up then it almost ran away. Lucky I was nearby to close off some intakes. Followed Myron Mixon's glaze recipe and it was pretty tasty.
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  3. Great Job, Fantastic Color I really like watching these UDS cooks, it seems like they all produce excellent results

    [​IMG]    [​IMG]

  4. Yeah I am now a UDS believer. I just sold my cheap offset and am planning a 30 gal build for camping and small cooks.
  5. Just when I thought It couldn't get any better    Good Job !!!

  6. That is a fine looking UDS and great looking meal. I sure do like the way my UDS cooks.

    Happy smoken.

  7. Interestingly the beans came out really spicy. I sautéed 2 diced sweet peppers and added ~1 tbs of rub and some worcheshire sauce. Do pepper seeds give off heat when cooked? I'm not sure what happened.
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    You must be pretty sensitive to heat? Actually yes, any pepper seeds and membranes can have some small quantity of capsasin. It is amplified with cooking. I have had peppers I could eat raw but when cooked they are so hot your face burns just from chopping them up. If you don't like the heat you will want to throw out the seeds and especially the membranes. That is where the bulk of the heat is.  Anyway, great looking chow there man!
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  9. That must be it. My daughter eats them raw in her lunch but it was too much heat cooked. I like med to hot food and it was a little too hot. Bearable just a little too hot.

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