Thick-cut Boneless Chops with Q-View

Discussion in 'Pork' started by desertdenizen, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I bought a couple of family-sized packages of boneless pork chops that were on manager special. I thought it was one of those packs of assorted chops. Turns out, they were 2" thick boneless pork chops, the perfect size for smoking. I marinated some of them overnight in Italian dressing (Chops Before photo).[​IMG]

    I started a fire of mixed Cowboy lump charcoal and apple wood chunks in my Brinkmann Square Vertical smoker. Once I got the fire going, I closed the doors on the smoker and man, the temperature shot up to over 800 degrees. I opened both doors and all the vents and after an hour, or so, the temperature dropped to 300. I waited half an hour and the temperature dropped to 250. I filled the water pan with ice cubes and put it in the smoker. When the temp hit 225-250, I put on the chops. I left all the vents fully open. After an hour, I put on some more lump and a couple of chunks of apple wood. The apple wood was perfectly seasoned and put out a nice, thin blue stream of smoke. I checked the internal temperature after two hours and it was only up to 140, so I popped on yet some more charcoal and wood and let it go another hour. I checked them at the three-hour mark and they were at 170 internally. I took 'em off the smoke, tossed them in an earthenware bowl (Chops After photo), covered them with aluminum foil, and put them in the oven with no heat. They rested for three and half-hours. They had a subtle hint of smoke, thanks to the dry wood. The chops had a very nice smoke ring and were table-knife tender.[​IMG]
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    Looks great.
  3. scarbelly

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    Those turned out real nice - congrats on a great meal 
  4. tyotrain

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    Boy O boy them chops looks good.. Nice job
  5. Those look really good!
  6. Tyotrain,

    Where in upstate NY are you from? I'm originally from Mexico, NY, but have been in AZ since '93.
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  7. smokinal

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    Nice job! They look delicious!
  8. uhmgood

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    desert , let me start out by saying they look great , but i have to question the internal cook temp and resting time , i would have pulled them off at 140 , did you feel they were a little dry at 170 or were you good with that ? and the 31/2 hr rest , is that how you always do it or was it just that it wasn't dinner time yet ? i'm not picking on you , i'm just trying to learn
  9. Love smoked chops!  Those look great!
  10. venture

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    Looks like you got them off while they were still moist and juicy.

    Great job!

    Good luck and good smoking.

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