Thi week' action - couple yardbird and armadillo eggs, with gumbo to follow - Q View included

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  1. Hi All,

    This week I scored a couple whole chickens at a great price, and decided to smoke em off on my ECB. Looking to run 300-325 with a mix of apple wood and cherry chunks. Rubbed my birds down with a bunch of seasonings from the cabinet, and made up some armadillo eggs (jalapenos with cream cheese inside sausage meatballs then dusted with rub).

    The plan is to smoke these off today with some extra sausage, eat chicken and armadillo eggs for dinner, pick the leftover chicken and refrigerate overnight, simmer the carcasses into a nice hearty chicken stock overnight, then make gumbo in the crock pot with the leftover chicken and extra sausage tomorrow. Should be able to spin these two cheap birds into nearly a week's worth of meals.

    Here are my meats getting ready for the smoker, I'll update with more Q-View as we go.

  2. Sounds like a plan.

    Happy smoken.

  3. dirtsailor2003

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    Sounds like a great plan!! That's what I like about chickens, you get a lot for your money!
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    Great looking spread. Did someone say GUMBO??? I'm in!  Please post some q view. Also like to see how you make your gumbo if you're inclined to share  Brian
  5. Birds took quite a while - over 5 hours at around 325. I was probing after about 3 hours to cook to temp, not time. The breasts hit a wicked stall around 155 for a couple hours but I pushed through. The meat was still very tender and moist, not dried out at all which was a pleasant surprise given how long I cooked them at a fairly high heat. I laid the smoke on pretty heavy, since apple smoke tends to run pretty mild and 14 lbs of bird plus all the sausage can handle it.

    I pulled the chicken meat and chopped the sausage last night, and left it all in the fridge while simmering the carcasses overnight. When I got up this morning I strained out my stock and started cooking a dark roux, equal parts butter and flour, in a cast iron skillet. Once I got the color I wanted, I added the trinity (bell peppers, onion, celery) plus green onions and chopped garlic. Cooked til the onions were opaque, then added the stock. Dumped in the chicken and sausage and let it simmer on low for hours. You can add okra/file powder/shrimp etc to suit your tastes. I was just using what I had kicking around this time so I didn't get fancy, but I've had success making gumbos with all those things in the past. My gumbo isn't something I normally brag about - just an old family recipe dating back to our time back in Lafayette, LA where we ate good Cajun food on a daily basis. Traditionally we'd serve it over white rice with buttered biscuits on the side, but I'm cutting carbs back so I just ate it straight up as a soup, no sides.

    I've never had gumbo made with smoked chicken! The smokiness came through really well. Going to be hard to go back to plain non-smoked chicken gumbo in the future! The armadillo eggs were also a treat. I topped them with shredded mozzarella about 10 minutes before taking them off and the result was awesome - sausage had that smoky grilled pizza sausage flavor combined with the cheese, and the pepper/cream cheese filling was outstanding. I can see myself making these pretty regularly now - liked them way better than the ABTs I did a few weeks ago.

    Chickens finally finished:

    Armadillo eggs with melty cheese:

    Stock simmering away overnight:

    Gumbo time!


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