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  1. What are you all using on your smokehouses for a thermometer? I did not find anything here easily and the stuff they sell at Home Depot and Lowes is made for thin wall steel grills not wood boxes. I tried using a candy thermometer and didn't get a good reading as the meat thermomemter.

    I have the standard meat thermometer probe for sticking in bologna or snack sticks to monitor when smoking them. I want also to be able to monitor the temperature that the smokehouse it running also, too decide if the firebox needs more wood.
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    Rob... Myself and many others prefer the Mavericks (732, or 733).. they are a digital probe (two) style with a remote.. Has one probe for the smokehouse and one probe for the meat.... You take the remote with you and keep an eye on things without having to go to the smokehouse every time..

    you can check em out here >>>>
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  3. I will probably let the wife by me a Maverick for Fathers Day or something. I want to get a fixed dial thermometer installed that is always on it just to be not worrying about batteries. I plan to smoke dried venison and it make take a few days to smoke, I'd like to have a fixed dial also.

    So, if I buy a River Country thermometer and install it under the rood edge I have a few questions.

      - If I install it on the side and its sticking through the side wall, will there be a temp difference to the center?

      - Will there be a top and bottom temp difference in the smoke house? If so, is one enough, how how much difference has anyone noticed?

      - Will the post get smoke dirty each time and have to be cleaned to be accurate? I used a candy thermometer in my first test and it was dirty in 1/2 hour easy.

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