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    Hopefully I'm in the right section for this question.

    What is a good thermometer I could get to measure internal temperature?

    My smoker is a 30" MES with a window.

    I did see a wireless one that measure IT and PIT temp but it was close to $60.

    I just bought an A-MAZE-N and my wife gave me that look when it was $40. Haha.

    Someday I'll get the nice thermometer, but till then what are some recommendations? :)

  2. bmaddox

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  3. I use a Maverick ET-732. From your description above, it may be the one you are looking at. It's a little difficult to initially setup, due to a poor set of instructions included, but once you have the settings where you want them, it's simple to use. There are many other thermometer options available and some are much cheaper. A basic oven/meat dial thermometer would also work as well. With the Maverick, you get the convenience of not having to open the smoker every time you need/want to check the temperatures. But, then again, you have to pay more for convenience.
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    I think a good thermometer is one of the BBQ essentials.  It will make your end product better, and safe! An investment in your hobby.
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    Hey tagger

    I bought and use a Weber Instant Read thermometer model 6492 at Home Depot for $13 (Canadian).  With the difference in the exchange rate that means they'll probably pay YOU to take one.  LOL  It takes about 8 seconds to get an "instant read" but it is very accurate.  Highly recommend it as an inexpensive therm.

  7. tagger

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    Oh really? I didn't know that. I thought it was one of the best. Haha. That's good to know.
    I agree, paying a little more for convenience is great sometimes. Haha.

    Seeing how this is a new hobby i'll wait a little while before really going all in.
    Thanks for the link!

    I'll grab a decent thermo tomorrow to use.

    I'm sure I can get away with a regular ole thermo since I have a windowed MES for now.
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    Gave my pile-o-junk Maverick away. Mine, in a cup of ice read 41 & 48*. In boiling water it read fairly close....once. Next time one probe read 208*, the other 216*.....according to an email I got from them this is acceptable. Didn't bother contacting them about the fact that it never read the same twice in a row...
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    I have a handheld dual probe one....and love it. It is accurate in both ice and boiling water. Have had someone tell me "I don't cook ice so it doesn't matter if it is not accurate at that temperature". Probes, if I remember right, are simple devices that measure resistance. If a thermometer is inaccurate at 32* but accurate at 212* how do you know that it is accurate at 250*?
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  11. tagger

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    I actually just bought a 10 dollar instant read for now.

    I've been researching average cook times around this forum.

    Tomorrow I am going to get all my supplies and start the rub process.

    I'm going to shoot for eating around 7-7:30 pm so starting it at 7 am and coming back home to check on it at lunch time should work.

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