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  1. Beginner here wanting to buy a dual wire probe thermometer, any suggestions?
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    Oooo,.......I love my Mav.  Ordered it from Todd and had it in 3 days.  Don't wanna smoke stuff with out it.

  4. I just ordered a Mav 732 also should have it today!  I chose it due to all the praise it gets around here as well as other reviews I've read.
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    Its unanimous...the Maverick is the way to go!  I love mine, about the handiest smoking gadget I own.

  6. Maverick is okay but probes suck big time!!!!!!
    I recommend the Thermoworks BlueTherm Duo. It's a bit pricey but much better quality and far more versatile than other remote therms.
    Works with iOS, Android or PC.
    You can choose from various K-type probes.

  7. Wow! that baby is expensive!  It would be really cool to have it on my phone though!  I looked at the iGrill also for that reason but for the money decided on the Mav.
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    I had one  meat probe fail that came with the unit.

    Bought a replacement probe and Todd sent me the one with the longer wire.  No further problems.

    There are better therms, but the Maverick is hard to beat for the money.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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  9. Thanks guys the Mav.et732 was the one I was looking at, just wanted some experts advice.

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