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    I have a sunbeam meat thermometerand its labeled different meats,it says pork 170,do i just stick it into the 10 pound boston butt and just leave it in there till it reaches 170?Also as soon as it hitts 170 does that mean its done or leave it longer,any input will help never used it.
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    can you tell us the exact thermometer you are using? Some are not made to be left in the smoker.

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    Not sure what kind of therm you have. Unless it's the type that has a probe for the meat & the temp display unit sits outside the grill, it would be best not to leave it in the meat. A dial type therm could be left in, but the glass will get greasy & smokey & hard to read.

    Pork is done at 170. If you plan on slicing or chopping the meat, you can pull it at 170. If you want to pull it, you have to let it continue to cook to 195-200. The meat will be more tender at 195. It will also be more moist as the internal fat breaks down at the higher temp.
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    Olewarthog is right on the money with the temps. I foil mine with a 1/2 cup of apple jiuce in the pan (at 165 degrees) and take them up to 200-203 then remove the foil and leave them in another 20 minutes. The temp will actually drop with the foil removed. This lets the bark dry out a bit.

    Here is a video of my entire process.

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