Thermometer mount drywall anchor weber 9815

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by stoaway, Aug 1, 2011.

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    Thought I'd pass this on.  FYI.  I mounted a Weber 9815 thermometer 5 inch probe in my ECB using a drywall screw anchor.  The metal screw clamp type.  Don't know the exact name.  What's nice is the thermometer slides in and fit's just perfect.  This probe is 5/32 diameter.  I mounted it on the side and it's solid.  You can remove the thermometer, just slide it out.

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    Thanks for the info !!!!!
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  4. smokinal

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    Do you have a photo of it?
  5. tjohnson

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    I think this is what stoaway is talking about

    [​IMG]        [​IMG]

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    Sorry about no pic's.  I have to learn how to do that.

    TJohnson nailed it though. no pun intended.

    What I did.

    Bend the little points on the "round head" flat. (the part that would normally stick into the the drywall, under normal use)

    Cut about 1/16 inch off the threaded end. Just enough to get rif of the threads.

    Drill a 5/16th hole in the ECB. 1/4 inch might work also.  I did't have one.

    I put a star washer on the outside of the ECB (not sure if needed, I had one so I did it.)

    I used an anchor for 5/8th drywall so I added washers to replace what would normally be drywall.

    I used a 2nd anchor as a "nut" (replacing the cut off threads) Put everything in place, screw it to compress the anchor. Remove the 2nd anchor and your done.

    Before I started.  I compressed a test anchor to get an idea of how much space I would need to fill with washers and decide how far to compress it.  The anchor only will compress so far and I wanted to make sure it was firm.

    In the end I think I used 9 washers and the anchore bent to a nice 45 deg angle. This obviouly depends also on your smoker wall thickness.

    If things go wrong, just snip the "wings" and it's out.  If you don't like it just plug the hole with a screw and nut.

    I suppose if one really gets into it. One could put a few in various spots on the smoker for "temp test points" and when "not used" plug the hole with the original achor screw or similar.  I'd suggest smaller anchors for this. (not so many washers sticking out).  Maybe a 1/4 inch anchor for drywall.

    Hope I didn't get too carried away here.

  7. stoaway

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    SO, did I shoot myself doing this.  I'm guessing there is zinc in this thing and in the washers.  Today I found some posts about zinc in smokers.  Is this a BAD idea.

  8. smokinal

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    I'm guessing Stainless steel washers would have been a better choice, if the washers are on the inside of the smoker.

    Your other option would be to use threaded lamp rod, Johnny Rodriguez has a thread on doing that.
  9. stoaway

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    I previously read someone using that "lamp" sleeve.  What I liked about this is how nicely it fit in.  I'll probably redo it with SS washers and torch the anchor.


  10. jirodriguez

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    Even though the plating is technically not good for you remember two things: 1) it is a very small piece of metal, and 2) it is not in a super hot environment. Smokers are only getting up to 350° at the hottest and even that is very rare, the zinc plating won't offgas untill you get it up to something like 700°+. The lamp rod mod I did on my WSM works great and has never given me any problems.
  11. meateater

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    Nice ! 
  12. stoaway

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    Thanks for everyone's input.  I'd probably be thinking about it every time I used the smoker.  So I re-did it with SS washers and burned the anchor.

    Adding a "note" on the instructions.

    I would try to use a "nut" when compressing.  The first try worked fine but the second one.  The threads broke out and it was a pain to get the screw out.  Had to cut everything out and do it a 3rd time.  Also used a washer temporarily between the nut and anchor when compressing.



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