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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chase1300, Sep 6, 2014.

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    Newbie here? I just have a quick question about choosing a thermometer. I hear a lot about the maverick therms. I was thinking about getting the 733. Where is the best place to get one? I'm assuming most are getting them online. And the other question is, is there any other that are comparable to the maverick 733?

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    I have a mav 733 and it rocks! The two hybrid probes means you can use both for meat, or both for smoker temps or one for each! It costs $10 more than the 732 but I think it's worth it. I bought mine from a-maze-n products. There's an ad for them in the right column (over there >>>>>>> and a little ^^^^^^^^). A lot of guys use the igrill therm as well, but I don't know anything about that product. I think the igrill2 can support four probes. I'm sure you can find both at amazon and compare prices and features.
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    I have both the 732 and the 733 and both are great thermometers. It took me a while to get used to the 733 after using the 732s for many years - but that was a case of being more comfortable with what you are used to I guess. Next time I buy which one would I get? They both do an excellent job however now that the 732 has dropped so much in price I think that it is probably the better value as a first thermometer, especially if you are on a budget.

    The hybrid probes on the 733 are flexible however they are also identical and so easily confused when you are in a hurry early in the morning to get your meat in just before dawn. Not a big problem as they are easily reconfigured once you realise what you have done but I have had it happen a couple of times. With the 732 there is no mistaking which probe is which.

    If you are likely to do most of your smokes as a single piece of meat then the 732 is ideal - one probe in the chamber and one in the meat. If you are smoking two or more pieces of meat then you have a dilema... You will need a probe for each of the meats however you will also still need a chamber probe- 3 probes! 

    If I was starting from scratch today then my choice would be to first buy a 732 (as one probe will always be used in the chamber anyway) and as I needed to add more probes for additional meat my second thermometer would be a 733.
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    Ooohhh no. I think I'm beginning to scare myself. I just saw the igrill2. I'm very new to smoking....but I like that one. Lol. Does any one know if it's a good therm or is it all just bells and whistles. Boys and their toys...I feel kinda like a little kid being distracted by the shinny objects :yahoo: :drool
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    I have the original iGrill and really like it. Some had problems with it but mine has worked great. I wanted to upgrade to the iGrill2 so I could have the 4 probe capabilities. I decided to wait until it had been out for a bit so I could see some reviews. So far not much on reviews, however iGrill just recalled all of the probes. The probes are now back ordered and it looks like 4-6 weeks to get new probes. Glad I waited a bit. I still plan on getting that unit but I am going to wait a bit longer.
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    Hey guys thanks for all the great input. I'm new to all of this and I must guys are awesome. All of my gazillion questions have been answered either by reading or asking.

    I think I will order the Mav for now and maybe once I get more proficient I will make the investment in the igrillz2. Because right now it's all hit or miss for me at this point.

    Thanks again.
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    One thing to mention whenever you get a new therm always check to see how accurate it is. One of the easiest tests is to boil water and put the tip of the probe in the water. If you read 212 or close to it you are fine. Further off than 5 degrees you'll want to note that and adjust your readings accordingly. I occasionally retest my probes just to make sure they are still accurate. My iGrill probes were spot on right out of the box. My Mav probes were a couple degrees off, not enough to worry about.
  10. chase1300

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    I will do that. Thanks.
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    Chase , IMHO , I'd go with Todd and get two while you're at it , you'll be happy and the service Todd gives is phenomenal [​IMG]  Keep the $$ here , "support your local SMF" [​IMG].

    I know how that ' want feeling'  is, just like a Blackbird ,if it's shiney , grab some [​IMG]  .

    Have fun and . . .
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    I have the Maverick 732 and have had it for a few years.

    So far I have only replaced one probe.

    If personal attention and customer service are of value to you?

    Go to:

    Todd is a great guy and he will take care of you!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    I will definitely keep all that in mind. I do agree with keeping the money in the board.
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    I'm ready to order my therm from A-maze-N ? Do I need a coupon code to order it? If so does anyone have a code?

  15. chase1300

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    Never mind. The Labor Day sale was extended. So I was able to use that code. Therm is ordered. I can't wait to try it out.

    Will that make me an official smoker. :yahoo:

    Thanks again Todd.
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    I received the therm in the mail today. I smoked last night without it. Now I have to wait until next weekend probably to try it out. I can't wait. Lol. :sausage: :grilling_smilie:
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    Oh well?

    It will take you that long to figger out the instructions written by someone with a native language which is still unknown to most of us!  [​IMG]

    Good luck and good smoking.
  19. I received my Mav-733 yesterday and ran a test on my MES-30.  I set the smoker temp at 225 and placed the 2 Mav-733 probes on their little stands (off the grates), one higher, one lower in the unit.  I also put the MES-30 probe dead in the center of the unit.

    Stable smoker temp reached 216, Grill probe reading was 236, Mav-733 probe #1 was 244 and probe #2 was 243.  That sure tells me that I can't trust my MES temp reading and that I have been smoking much hotter than I had thought. :-(

    I then took my Mav-733 and my ThermoWorks Thermapen and put them in water while it reached boiling temp.  Thankfully, they all read the same throughout the process and hit 212 just as the water started to boil. 

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