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  1. iowa josh83

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    Ok so I'm nearly done with my fridge build, I'm just getting the last few items I need. One of which is a thermometer that is long enough to go through my fridge wall. Anyone got any suggestions?

    Also, how can a mount the thermometer? All of them I've seen only have about 3/4" of threads, my fridge has probably 3" thick walls. I was wondering if any of you guys would have a suggestions or possible pics from your build.

    Thanks alot!

  2. flyboytr

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    I'm sure there are other ways...but cutting an opening in the outside shell to access the inside shell is a possibility.  I am using a K type thermocouple in my build.  It is also threaded but the probe itself it about 3" long.  I wanted this style so it would be further away from the side of the cabinet/refrigerator wall.  I will be cutting a 2" hole in the backside of the cabinet for mounting access. 

    Let us know what you do!
  3. killnsmoke

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    mine have magnets on the back and just stick on the steel. they are like $15 a piece. they are round face digital, work awesome for me i have two mounted on my smoker i built.
  4. kernbigo

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    I just drilled a small hole in mine and went to harbor freight and got a small hand held thermometer for 6 dollars stuck in works great( it is didgtal) Kernbigo
  5. I bought the Ranco ETC-111000 and added a wall plug in to control the temp. for my smoker. It works great to control the elect smoker.

    Drilled a small hole to insert the probe.
  6. killnsmoke

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    i got the same one, LOVE great and was super cheap i got it on sale
  7. I visited my local appliance shop and with permission I was able to go out back and load up an old oven that was a returned unit,Took it home and removed the thermostat controller which has a nice long probe on it,I drilled a hole thru the fridge and inserted it  in at the same level as the meat thermometer that is mounted in the door,This way I can visually see what the true inside temps are and sycronize with the thermostatic controller from the old oven.Last year I used 110v with an electric BBQ grill element,This year I went all out and used the broiler element from the old oven and converted to 220v.Big difference,more economical and doesn't work as hard to bring up operating temps.After I was done with the old doaner oven I called the junk man to come take it away.
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    find a flat washer about the same size as the probe. put washer in vice with half of it sticking out. start to bend the washer over a little bit to get it started for crimping it on the probe. Bend enought to allow it to still slide on the probe. Stick the probe thru the wall, slide the washer on the probe up tight to the wall then use pliers and finish crimping the washer onto the probe so that it's tight. that will hold it in there pretty good... just a suggestion on my part.
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    Even though they are usually about a 12" long, you can use a thermometer from a turkey frying kit.
  10. dward51

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    I bought a Tel-Tru commercial thermometer from ebay for my WSM.  Here  is a photo of mine (yes it has a short stem).  But they have them with much longer stem lengths on ebay (I saw one with 17.5" stem today).


    Here is a current ebay auction for one with a 50-550 temp range and a 6" stem, new condition for $49.99 (outright sell - not bid).  There are lots of others on ebay.
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