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  1. I have always wondered the accuracy of my different thermometers so I decided to test them.  I stuck them all into a pot of boiling water with a flat colander in the pan to keep the probes from touching metal.

    The Maverick ET-7 (4 years old) read 214 on the black remote and the gray main body read 206.

    The cheap stick Taylor weekend warrior that we bought last year at Lowes read 211.

    The Raytek Minitemp MT6 (7 months old) laser read 207.

    I believe that I am at about 850ft above sea level so boiling point appears to be about 210 here.  It is interesting that the $14 stick probe is the most accurate.  I tried swapping the leads on the Maverick and both probes read within 1 degree when they are in the remote unit.



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    It just goes to show you it doesn't matter what therm you have they need to be checked for accuracy often.
  3.   So,I was right[​IMG]. The old Re-calibratitible ones I got at GFS are the best and most reliable after all[​IMG].

    Just put them in boiling water and if you remember the Boiling temp. at sea level is 212*f,you can adjust with the nut on back.Momma lets me get stuff like that[​IMG]

      Have fun and,
  4. I found that my Taylor stick and my cheapo Acurites are about 2 degrees more accurate than my ET 732 on the boiling water test.  Having said that, 2 degrees will not be critical for most applications.

    Good luck and good smoking.

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