Thermometer and Adding coal

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by sgapplegate, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. sgapplegate

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    First I should let everyone know I have a brinkman bullet smoker. It has the "warm, ideal, hot" thermo on it. With that said I have two questions.
    First, can I use my meat thermo as my smoker thermo? If not what type of thermo do you all recommend.

    Second, during the smoking when charcoal has to be added is opening the side door and trying to throw a few dry pieces in the best option? Should I get it started first in a charcoal chimmney then use tongs to put it in? Any easy way to get it past the bottom of the water pan so that it is evenly distributed?

    Ok that was more than two questions, sorry.
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    Welcome to the SMF forum! Be sure to head over to the Roll Call section for a proper howdy doo!

    As for your questions, first one I have for you is which ECB do you have? I'm guessing it is the Smoke-N-Grill since the Gourmet has the firebox separated from the body. There are mods listed in this section of the forum that will help. I had one of those smokers for all of a week before I gave it away to a friend for the larger Gourmet. I pretty much just took the legs of the unit and set both the charcoal bowl and unit base on two sets of fire bricks so I could just lift the body away from the bowl and add briquettes as needed.

    I also found that the thermometer that comes with these units really only keep smoke from leaving the hole they plug! Your best bet is to go and buy two separate electronic probe thermometers (with braided cable), one for the smoker temp and one for the meat.

    Hope that helps!

  3. sgapplegate

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    Thanks for your time and help. I will be taking advantage of it first thing this morning as I am going to smoke my first turkey.

    John [​IMG]
  4. bud lite

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    Good luck and post some pictures of it if you can.
  5. raceyb

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    Good luck and have fun with the ECB

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