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  1. Ok I need help. What is the best thermometer out there. I have a new Holland wireless meat thermometer and a couple weeks ago the probe quit working on it so I called and for 3 bucks shipping they quickly sent me another one. I did a butt on wed and it worked fine so put another butt on last night it did fine till 4 am this morning and after a little nap I wake up to it saying the meat is at 400 I know this isn't possible cause the cooker is set at 225. Pull it out and bring it in and its saying its 450 in my kitchen. So I had to run a couple miles down the road to my dads to get his thermometer. I am just tired of it going out every couple times I cook. What is the
    best most reliable thermometer out there
  2. hi , go to amazin products his name is todd and buy your self a mavrick et 732 . it has 2 probes one for meat one for smoker it also has a remote that works great . seems to be what everyone on the forum likes and me to. happy smokin
  3. I have bought two Maverick thermometers on Amazon, the second one to get to 500deg.  This one quit working the first time I used it and Mav didn't reply to email in three days!!!  Back to Amazon it goes!!!!!
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    I wish I knew of one that was reliable. My pit probe on the 732 quit on me a few weeks ago. It's out of warranty of course, so I need to shell out the $15 or whatever it is for a new one, which will probably last under a year. It's a great thermometer otherwise.
  5. Maverick in the end said she would send me (free) a probe that should solve my problem.  I bought another "talking" thermo from Oregon Scientific that only cost on Amazon about $60.  I like it and it's neat because you can select all the meat animals, whether rare, mr,m,wd... and it tells you "It's just about done", etc.  It's remote also and hasn't failed in two months use.

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