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    up in the sticks in northern Canada where i am ... we are lucky enough to get a BIG pork sale a few times a year. legs were $1.29 and loins were $1.99 a pound. making a bunch of back bacon. definitely some sausage next week....
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    I thought Canada uses metric. :)

    Here in NY area, $1.29 a lb normal price for pork butt. This week on sale, $0.89 a lb.

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    its kilo or pounds.....   they advertise both prices
    we definitely pay alot more for stuff here. and the selection can really suck. i see the different commercial rubs and spices, and just the selection of regular spices you guys have makes me drool to try them.
  4. We had pork Boston roasts on sale for $1.00 Lb down here in southern Ontario last week
  5. The government backed down on enforcement, about 3 years and just as everything got switched over, so folks and store do business in either measure, KG or LBs
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    I wish they had both systems  for temperature, Gasoline, and on speed limit road signs.

    Very confusing for friends from the USA.

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    WoW.. wish we could get some prices like that in Colorado.[​IMG]

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