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Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by moikel, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. roller

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    I am going to try some horse some day I just hate to kill mine.....That Roo looks pretty darn good...
  2. moikel

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    [​IMG]I will soak it for 3-4 hours,pat it dry,skewer it then hot & fast basted with marinade on the Weber.There are some food matchs that are just meant to be.Bacon & eggs, ham & cheese,steak & fries. Well here s another kangaroo & beets& shiraz.Beets are out of season,but roasted in oven with onions all cut to same size ,cloves of garlic,drizzled with olive oil,balsamic vinegar then goats cheese on top when the are hot. [​IMG]  I will have to make do with a big ole glass of shiraz,been 34 celcius all day southerly blow just starting to cool things off now.
  3. moikel

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    I was just curious at the time.Hell of a lot of horse lovers here,I dont think I  missed that much .It was one of those when in Rome moments.

    Roo is another matter it is good meat 100% organic all that stuff but a lot of people get put off by the cute image of roo or somebody has cooked it badly. It has so little fat that you have to be on top of it from the get go & serve it rare.If you dont eat rare its not worth the effort.

    I will do it in 2-3 hours time for dinner.I am going to go & rummage in wine cellar for the right bottle of shiraz.
  4. moikel

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    Ready to roll kangaroo kebabs coming up.All good except its raining & temp has dropped.[​IMG]
  5. moikel

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    Turned out really well,but you can tell the difference between the 2 cuts fillet & rump on the skewer. It was tender but theres not a lot of margin for error .Any thing past what you see here is overdone but thats just my opinion. I made 4 skewers ,wife not home tonight so I will turn the leftover 2 skewers into a Thai  salad tomorrow.I dont know if you have seen it,I will cut the cubes in 1/2 then use a bunch of salad leaves,herbs(basil .mint) fried shallot .lime,fish sauce,palm sugar etc .Its just an adaption of  a dish the Thais do.If they had kangaroos they would do the same thing [​IMG][​IMG]
  6. moikel

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    This is another view,I drank a bottle of Seppelts Chalambar shiraz 2002 with it.Brilliant[​IMG]wine .Old school winery,really classy just the thing with this.Bear view[​IMG]
  7. moikel

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  8. That looks sooo good!  I'm grabbing a seat in the gallery from here in the Virgin Islands to see how the Camel order progresses.   I so desperately want to make some kind of comment about the various cuts on a camel, but just can't seem to get the nerve to mention toe!

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    That looks so good!!!!!!!   [​IMG]      How about a roo burger?[​IMG]
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  10. Have you tried any type of 'rub' on the roo meat?

    Jeff has some TERRIFIC recipes for rub and sauce, it works VERY WELL on Beef & Chicken, and other meat why not ROO & CAMEL??

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  11. moikel

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    I dont like it ground so much.If you added some beef fat maybe.The supermarket sells sausages havent tried them. I prefer to buy it in packs about 800 -1000gms .The long fillet that runs down  spine which gets called different names is the best for grilling over charcoal. If its off a big enough roo it close in size to a pork tenderloin.I did roast a piece of rump in my woodfired stove at mountain cabin years ago,pretty good but again RARE or dont bother.
  12. moikel

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    I havent but no reason not to.People make jerky out of it here as well. Its a real meat eaters meat if that makes sense,dark,lots of iron,dense a great partner to the biggest meanest bottle of Aussie shiraz you can find. 

    The camel deal is uncharted territory I figure Im going to go with the flavours of the original home country. I might grill a few bits in the Weber just to try & the flavour profile straight in my head.Then Im going to do my chermoula that I posted in marinades.I like Moroccan   food ,have a few books eaten at the restaurants here & in France .The whole spice trade for Europe came via  there often by camel train at least for part of it trip. Its a wonderful food so I  figure that might be the starting point,I already cook food in that style,tagines mostly.

    Anyway I/WE just got to wait for the camel express at the moment,I will be straight out of the chute as soon as it lands.
  13. chef jimmyj

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    For anyone who is interested there is a 3 minute segment of Anthony Bourdain eating Camel on this No Reservation from Saudi Arabia 3/3, Youtube video...the segment starts 7 minutes:24 seconds in...YUM!...JJ

  14. moikel

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    I watched this Chef JJ thats a pretty small camel,maybe smaller than what I hope to get. Looks maybe 100kg ,what do I  know[​IMG].But it does get a good review from AB . Tastes like lamb??.Lets just wish the camel catchers in Central Australia good catching & hope for a shipment soon. It didnt look as dark as I  imagined.
  15. moikel

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    What do do with left over roo,make a salad thai style .Green mango as hard as a potato,sliced into strips,bean sprouts,a red onion sliced thin,red bell pepper,same.Then lots of fresh mint,thai holy basil,cilantro,raw peanuts.Dressing lots of lime juice,rice vinegar,fish sauce ,light soy sauce,palm sugar,garlic ,ginger ,lemon grass,red chilli to taste. Lots of dressing ,put rare roo or beef on top.Pour over dressing.You could use green papaya as well both green mango & papaya have a tart sort of taste & a crisp texture.Great base for a salad probably out of necessity once upon a time,fruit that fell in storms before it ripened perhaps?

    Camel train not on horizon yet.[​IMG][​IMG]
  16. moikel

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    Another angle on kangaroo salad.[​IMG]
  17. shooterrick

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    Great thread folks but I am going to move it to wild game. 
  18. moikel

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    Makes sense,I  only stuck in beef because it was cut the same.The roo was just to fill in time while I  wait for camel train.
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    Nice job on the Roo! It all looks so good.

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