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    I am nervously watching the days tick away on the calendar as I am approaching my first attempt at a brisket for Christmas. With all of the information I have leaned here from other threads I am not as intimidated as I would have been going at this on my own - it's like you all will be crowded around the smoker with me giving me advice and helping out :). I have a 14lb. packer brisket. After I trim it, I would guess it should weigh around 12 - 13 pounds since I have never trimmed one before I probably won't end up taking much off. I know the meat is done when it's done, but the base guideline is 1.5 hours per pound. Am I really looking at a 20 hour smoke? I do plan on wrapping it with butcher paper once it hits an IT of 165 and leaving it wrapped until around 190/195. Then I will unwrap it and place it back in to let the bark firm up. Will the wrapping help reduce the cook time? I have no problem cooking it at 230 - 250 for as long as it takes. I just don't want to expect a 20 hour cook and end up with it being done in 15 hours. I don't want to have the dilemma of trying to hold it warm until everything else is ready or figure out how to cool it down and reheat. I would rather it be ready an hour before everything else so it can rest prior to slicing. Any timing help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I abandoned low n slow brisket a while back  I cook brisket at medium heat anymore.  It cuts cooking times in half and I've yet to have one fail.

    My advice:

    Buy a whole, untrimmed USDA Select or ungraded packer brisket.

    Trim fat at the seam between the point and flat sections. Trim the fat side to about 1/4" thick.

    Apply your favorite rub (I use Black's BBQ from Lockhart TX)

    Cook the brisket fat-side down at 325-375°F to an internal temperature of 170°F.

    Wrap in foil or a disposable foil pan  fat-side up and cook until fork tender.

    Rest in foil for 30 minutes before slicing.

    Using this method I've done 14 lb packers in 7 hrs start to finish.
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  3. At 225° figure more like 2 hours per LB at 250° figure about 1.5. You can put 2 of the same weight briskets side by side and they could finish a couple of hours apart. So if you are wanting to get it done the exact time you want it you may end up with a bunch of hungry people standing around looking at you. I would just plan on the 20 hours. If it is getting done early you can wrap in foil then into a ice chest wrapped in towels and it will hold heat for hours. You could also fully cook it the day before the reheat when ready to serve. If you vacuum seal it you can reheat it in the bag in water and it will be as good as the day you cook it.

    Happy smoken.

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    I find for my briskets that planning for one hour per pound plus 2 hours @ 235 works well for me.  I always wrap in foil when the IT hits 165, I pull at 195-197 and then into an ice chest for at least one hour.  I've yet to have a brisket fail using these numbers. 
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    I'm still a S/P , toss it in a 225*F Smoker , shut the lid and leave it shut till my probe shows 190*F , then poke to test .

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