The Zsmoker House - on Wheels ;-)

Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by zargon, May 16, 2013.

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    I've been working on this for a couple months.. finally got it to the point where I felt comfortable doing a "cold" smoke on some Salmon.

    Turned out Very Good!!!  Albeit; I had to finish it off in the oven in the house.  Turns out that the lone, small electric hotplate just don't cut the

    mustard.  Couldn't get it above 120 Degrees F no matter how hard I tried.  My triangular Smoke Generator seems to work pretty good... but I'm thinking

    about making a cylindrical version with the venturi tube @ the top instead of the bottom... more on that later.  

    I'll try after this text to post some photos... and I have a link to a "First Test of the Smoke Generator".. let me know if it works???  TIA

    I started out just wanting to make a cool smoker box...and ended up making what I think is a very cool "Smoke House On Wheels".

    I really need to have almost everything on wheels 'cause my wife likes most things to be "Out of sight", so they appear to be... "Out of Mind".

    Me.. I like to have everything all around to view and marvel at all the time... Go Figure... women are just different that us men.  ;-)  Most of the differences I like... the rest I make allowance for and try to do my best to keep peace in the household.  ;-D

    Now.. lets see if I can post some of those photos of the build .. some in progress... etc.

    BTW:  IT's still a work in progress; as I do intend to add a better heat source for proper smoking of items that require more heat.

    I have been thinking about using a propane burner from a "Turkey Fryer".. or maybe an electric element from an old stove, complete with the thermocouple and control circuit of course.

    I have recently added a cool "Oven Light" and associated electrical system with an external weather proof switch... more on that to come as well... especially if I decide to add the electric Oven stuff.  (BTW:  Yes, I am a qualified electrician)

    FYI:  I started out with a 1/2" plywood understructure I.D. 20.5" x 25" x 48" and then added the 2x4 frame and roof and then ... thought .. Hey.. how about a Metal roof... and how about some cedar siding.. and how about a really cool copper chimney.. and then an adjustable "Flu-damper" and on and on it goes... where it stops.. well.. we shall see. ;D

    I'm trying to upload a video of the "Burn-In" first smoke... link coming soon.

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    That looks very cool! Good looking smokehouse! Nice job, Zargon, you've got some skills Brother!

  3. zargon

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    Thanks Red,

        I'll keep ya posted when I get to making some serious smoke!  ;-D
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