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  1. So I started with an idea and going through many different builds on this forum I decided to give a build a try. I received a warming cabinet from my cousin that is a chef and the electrical system no longer worked on this cabinet.
  2. I removed the heating element and fabricated 2 doors out of plywood and cement also being that it wasn't an insulated warmer I built a frame around it with plywood just as extra insulation. Slanted roof incident rains to keep the rain out of the smoker. board
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  4. After completing the build I seasoned the smoker for 4 hours. Then it was time to try my first smoke. Turned out great!! The ribs were amazing. Made a dry rub and left the ribs out for 3 hours and in foil for an hour and a half.
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    Looks good.

    You really should hard pipe the gas line into the smoker. Then connect the flex line on the outside.
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  6. A little Thanksgiving smoking.. Breasts in bags

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