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         Well it's been way too long since I've been here and posted anything, so I thought I better get some pictures and document my last pork butt smoke. Started out with a 9lb butt from walmart, my first shot with walmart pork, I think it was tyson brand, and I have to say I was pleased. Of course it came packed in a "solution" so the first thing I did was soak it in cold water in the fridge for a while to maybe dilute some of that solution to make way for the flavors I wanted to add. After soaking I patted dry and rubbed with Jeff's rub(slightly modified to make more spicy) and let it sit over night.

         Calibrated the ET732 and in the smoker @225F at 11:00AM(mistake to put it in so late, but I knew that going in). I was hoping that this may be one of those butts that cooks fast and gets through that stall quickly...but no such luck. It spent a good 5 hours just making it's way from 150-165. Total cook time to 203F took just over 18 hours. There was a point where I thought about cranking up the heat and just getting it done, but no, I rode it out till 5:30AM. One rule I did break however, was the rest period, this butt didn't rest at all, and I can't really say it hurt anything. This was the best pulled pork I have made yet, It was just oozing juices from everywhere. I did all 18 hrs on about 18lbs kingsford charcoal(blue) in the USM and when I cut the air off still had enough left to fill a chimney for the next smoke, but enough of my blabbering, QVIEW!

    Had an excellent bark on this one. The last few butts I've done had to finish in the oven because of the weather, and that turned my bark to this was my first real bark. It was delicious, I will say a bit tough, almost like beef jerky, but so so so tasty!


    Falling apart


    Bear view anyone? If it weren't for the bark I swear this thing would have just melted.


    Thanks for looking!
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    That baby looks fantastic! Mmm! Mmm!  [​IMG]
  3. You nailed this one.. It looks great.. Can I have some?  lol.. [​IMG]
  4. Fantastic looking PP. Don't ya love the bark? 
  5. berninga87

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    The bark is pretty awesome. I'm going to have to buy multiple smaller butts so I can have more to chew on! 
    Sure! you just have to come to Wisconsin for it!

    Thanks guys, the encouragement from everyone is as motivating as all the shared knowledge floating around here. It's great, glad I found this place.
  6. Looks fantastic! You did the right thing just riding out the stall. What I have done on occasion when the butt police weren't looking and a 9-10 lb butt is to cut it in half. Cooks faster and more bark.
  7. Looks great makes me want to go make some bq
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    Sorry my Friend  but  the hard part is to be so far away from this PP[​IMG]
  9. Looks great. I wish I could come to WI. [​IMG]

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