The usual... Crunch time, in the rain. Happy new year 2015!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by monty1269, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. monty1269

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    Go figure... 20% chance of rain today. And where do you think 100% of that 20% landed? Of course, my back yard.

    Struggling to get two eight pound pork buts finished for our new year dinner. They've been in the smoker since 5:30 am at 220* . Even through the rain the internal temp at 2:10pm, is now 162*. Been there for 40 minutes.

    Since we're not expecting a big crowd, I only pulled one. Wrapped it in foil and into a 350* oven it goes. Hopefully, I can push it over the hump and get it up to decent temp for pulling. If not, then I'll just slice it up. No biggie.

    The second butt is still on the smoker. I refilled the drip pan with some boiling water, and now the temp is maintaining 235* for the past half hour. Internal temp still stuck at 162* (2:20pm)...

    And as I type this, the sun breaks through the clouds... Should be a sauna out there. I'll stay inside and monitor things remotely. Yep, Florida forgot this is winter.

    Happy new year!
  2. monty1269

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    Aaaaand more rain... Internal temps of the one that is still on the smoker is 167* (3:30pm).
    Don't know the temp of the one on the oven... Will check in 30 minutes.
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    What no q-view? Hope it all ends well.

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