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  1. Here is an example of the" Drum Style Smokers" we are building
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    Man that looks cool.
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  3. Thank you very much.
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    PoleCat, evening and welcome to the forum......  I have looked through your threads and it appears you are advertising your smokers....   If you wish to do so, click on the link below and follow the steps to advertise your product.....    No harm, no foul, we make every attempt to protect the folks that do advertise on this forum....   which will also be the  case is you choose advertise with us....  

    Nice smoker by the way.....  Best of luck in your new venture....    Dave
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  5. nice smoker
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    Wow, I think I'm in love!
  7. What's been done to eliminate the added potential of leaks with the addition of those two doors?

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