The Torcheress, Her Bison, & Bordeaux!

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  1. Ok so I need some food help.

    Long ago, I posted and asked for advice on how to get my NY strip steaks COLD in the middle albeit with the fat super cooked along the edge.

    Not rare, but actually COLD in the middle - I know, my palate may offend many but so be it as I love steak that way! Smiles.

    Anyway, gracious folk chimed in with some fabulous ideas!

    One was to freeze the meat and grill it frozen.

    I did that andoves the cold middle result but couldn't get the fat completely cooked via that method.

    There was reverse sear and smoking and grilling and more. Nothing quite worked despite it tasting well.

    Then, people suggested a blow torch.

    Yesterday I did that, and the fire department didn't even show up which is a good sign.

    BUT, while raw and cold inside, which I love, the steak's fat STILL was not terrific or not FULLY crisped up. I eat the fat and ate it anyway but would love it if really crispy!

    I now think the torch may be best for finishing? And that I should try grilling the steak frozen, THEN going back in and torching the fat?

    Anyone? Thanks for your tips as I do want to get it right!

    Cheers and happy weekend! - Leah
  2. Paired with Bordeaux!
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