The "Texas Cheat"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by txflyguy, May 11, 2014.

  1. txflyguy

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    Just curious how many here employ the Texas Cheat method? We always do this with ribs, and chuck roast. After smoking for 4 to 6 hours, simply pull the meat out of your smoker, wrap up in a double layer of heavy duty foil, add 6 to 8 ounces of your favorite juice (pineapple, apple, orange, etc.), then throw it in the oven at 325 degrees for 90 minutes to 2 1/2 hours.

    This will ensure moist, tender and flavorful BBQ!

    A variation on this is to substitute Coca-Cola (or Dr. Pepper). The acid in the Coke breaks down the meat fibers and you will have some of the most tender BBQ this side of Dallas!
  2. lemans

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    To me: if you start in the smoker finish in the smoker. If you haven't done the entire time in the smoker you have failed .. That's just me.
    I had to finish a chicken in the oven because of high winds and although the family lived it
    I was dissapointed
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  3. txflyguy

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    I actually saw this on one of those TV BBQ Competitions...and several of the contestants use this method with great success. I tried it, and my meats went from fair to awesome by doing this. Just tried out the Coca-Cola. Man! The ribs came out perfect. Put them in the oven for a little over one hour. Tender, with just the right amount of "chew" to get them off the bone.

    You may call it a failure, but you sure can't argue with the results!
  4. brooksy

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  5. dirtsailor2003

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    I don't like to braise the meat. I run mine in the smoker the entire time. Info a couple things differently than most though. I run a hotter smoke chamber for most cooks. 285-325. I don't use water and run a dry smoke chamber. I don't really care for the texture of the bark when the meat has been foil finished.
  6. oldschoolbbq

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    Start to finish in the Smoker with no "peeking"...  and no foiling.
     whether I'm doing Brisket,Pork Butt Ribs, Chicken , everything. It goes in at 225*F and stays closed until my Thermometers say it's done... see the excellent Bark on the Butt[​IMG]

     on this . . . anything is possible and all it takes is "Practice and Patience".

     My ribs. . .tender , crack test is good , color (in real light)is a nice Mahogany, and with my "Turbinato Glaze , they are an absolute hit.

    I do all my smoking un-wrapped and dry, Sauce is a 'Condiment' ... but that's JMHO.[​IMG]

    Have fun however you do it , and . . .
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  7. txflyguy

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    OK, here's a picture of my St. Louis ribs done the way we do it in the Lone Star State...

    5 hours at 225 degrees in the smoker, all applewood, then 90 minutes in foil with Coca-Cola at 325 degrees in the oven. Down right yummy! And just the right amount of "chew" to get the meat off the bone.

    And this is my custom made smoker...

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  8. worktogthr

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    I personally don't foil, don't use water pans, but... If the texture is the way I like it and the bark is nice, I don't care how it happens. Haha. Everyone on here talks about keeping logs of your smokes but I feel like I always try something a little different so it's not necessary. I am new to smoking though so I guess I am still in the experimental stage.
  9. oldschoolbbq

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    Worktghr , Hello.  No problem if you don't keep logs , however they help in tracking good methods. Your different ways will be lost if you don't take notes on your procedures  and experiments .Just sayin'.
  10. so ms smoker

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    Goes to show that there is no 'perfect'  way to do anything. As long as it comes out the way you like it[​IMG]

  11. seenred

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    My sentiments exactly! BBQing is a very personal process...the only people we have to please are ourselves and those we cook for.

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  12. worktogthr

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    Your probably right... I should write down at least my successes so I can repeat them. I do post a lot of detailed posts with qview which I refer to myself so I guess that's sort of a log.
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  13. damon555

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    I'm with oldschool on this one.....Put the meat on.....smoke it until the temp is where you want it or it passes the bend test (ribs) and it's done except for a rest period if need be. My WSM can easily run 14-16 hours without any fuss so I've learned to just let it ride.

    But if you prefer to foil have at it.....that method can produce fine BBQ too. One thing I've discovered though is that a good long rest accomplishes the same thing while preserving the bark.
  14. bdskelly

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    Oh Lordie Stan...... That looks awesome. 
  15. eman

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    If i have the time i do a full smoke. but, if i need to hurry i don't mind using the cheat. Can't do it in comps. but most of the stuff i have tasted / judged in comps i would not serve at my house.
  16. chef jimmyj

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    " There's more than one way to skin a cat, " or smoke some meat! Yeah I go 100% smoker if the Beer is cold and the Coolers full! But I also have 3 Daughters and a Wife that get CRANKY when they are hungry. You do what you have to, to keep them all happy. Some time ago I got a late start on puttin' 3-2-1 and my Foiling Juice to a couple racks of Ribs. So I took the smoker to 275° and went 4 hours straight, no foil. They came out competition ready. Really good. So I been smoking straight through for a couple of months. The last cook my Wife and kids complained that the ribs are not as good as when I foiled. So guess what I will be doing from now on! There is no shame in foiling or finishing in the Oven, it's all about making your Customer aka Family, Happy!...JJ
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