The smokenator!

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by shellbellc, Aug 8, 2008.

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    That's pretty nifty!
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    shelly..........there was JUST a thread on this, just the other day............[​IMG]
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    I just found out about this just the other day, I wish I'd have known sooner before I bought my SnP. That would be perfect for cooking a turkey.
  5. Ordered one on Monday, it arrived yesterday. It will be used today, I am anxious to try it out.
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    please let us know how it works after the trial run
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    Pretty cool---hey, it looks pretty easy to make too. If someone buys one, they could make a paper template of the sheet metal before its bent at a 90 and it would be pretty easy to duplicate I think:)

  8. The first trial run was a productive one. If I can ever figure out to post pictures I will, however I am still fairly new to the forum worlds. I really loaded the cooker down for a first cook. I smoked an 8 lb Butt, 2 chicken halves, beef tenderloin and some ABTs to snack on. Here are a few observations:
    • You will definitely want the grill with the side that opens; it will make adding fuel much easier.
    • Temperature is easy to maintain once you get it set, mine held at 240-260, until I added fuel.
    • Initial fuel supply, 60 briquettes and 6 chunks of hickory & apple lasted 5 hours, I added 20 briquettes and 4 chunks of wood, at 7 hours I added 10 more briquettes. Total cook time 9.5 hours with a temp of 225 when I removed the butt.
    • When adding fuel you will want to keep your eye on the temp, it will spike on you quickly.
    • The Hovergrill needs to be taller; the butt would not fit under the grill.
    With all the said, it was money well spent, it will be used frequently for smaller cooks. Hope this helps….
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    The smokenator has been discussed a few times. I've had one for over a year now....great little item. Dan also sells a hover grill, which is an additional grill survice that sits above the first one giving you more room to smoke. I just went to the supply store and bought a steam rack and have used that with success. I've also bought a smaller grill rack and made extra space by using ss rods and screws. There are pics of it around someplace on here. The smokenator is a great little device and really helps you maximise the use of a weber.

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