the Rib shack

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  1. smker

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    knoxville, IOWA.   this store opened up last AUG during the sprint car Nationals.

    first time i got anything from there,   a full rack of ribs,  they claim it to fall off the bone tender,    "NOT"    looks aren't everything,    the rub is a simple basic herb and spice and its a light dusting on it,  almost positive they used apple wood.  and it wasnt  as tender as they claim it to be.
    $17.00 for the full rack.

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  2. chef jimmyj

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    Looks pretty average. That price for a full rack ain't bad! I like bite through Ribs but my family likes fall of the bone. The owner is either like me or they were mistakenly under cooked...JJ
  3. smker

    smker Meat Mopper

     i agree on that,  up until a few years ago this is how i wanted my ribs to turn out,  for the elders of the family i used the 3-2-1 method,  i guess I'm now included in that group :)   If you like your ribs this way and have good teeth  i recommend it

    i sent them a "nice" email about the tenderness of the ribs.   i gave them a plus on the white oak / cherry wood flavor and also the rib rub that dusted on it and didn't overpower the other flavors.  they haven't replied back as of yet,   i hate it when a place like this makes a claim that they cant  live up to and fool people into thinking that this is the way it is,  but allot of people fall for it anyway, 

     if this guy really thinks he has 'fall off the bone tender"  anyone could beat him in a throw down using a 3-2-1 methad

    it was alittle dried out so i bagged it in a zip lock and added some water and then nuked it,  fast way to steam any meat, didn't tenderize it but made it better.

    my basset made a mess of it tho

  4. Sounds like a little more time in the heat would fix those right up.  Don't you love it when you have to fix something you paid for.
  5. ballagh

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    I have always wanted to stop by that place on our way to the lake. Sounds like I don't need too :) have you tried Smokey D's and Jethros yet? Pretty good :) Go Haekeyes

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  6. jagger

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    In my personal opinion.... 321 is wayyyyy too long to cook ribs.
    I like 2 to 3 hours in the smoke.
    And 1 to 1.5 wrapped.

    I guess we all have our preferences.
  7. bakedbean1970

    bakedbean1970 Smoke Blower

    Depends on the temp. I have to smoke my ribs 5 ir 6 hours because my smoker tops out at about 225. I have done ribs in 3 hours on a stick burner at 250-275 though.

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