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  1. 70 plates cancelled due to the weather Friday and I pack up gear and wait until next Friday.

    The organizer called today: We need to pick up the meat.

    ME: OK... all .. ?

    ORG: no just what you cooked thursday.

    ME: umm you called and cancelled only what was in the smoker came out cooked. I thought we were planning next friday.

    ORG: Well we had complaints and if they don’t get their plates tomorrow we worry that most will want their money back.

    ME: ok but I only cooked half

    ORG: can you get me the other half tomorrow morning?

    ME: CLICK F%$%&G Tard

    So at 3:00 pm et I load 32 lb of butts. Box temp 0f 335-350 f. Idiots I told them 24 hrs advance before I started. I guess they had too much beer in their ears. IT 3.5 hrs later is 131 f. I figure wrap 155f to push the stall but keep em from drying out

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    Good luck!  People that don't smoke don't get it.  That temp should get them done, but your evening is screwed.

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    Good luck! Sounds like you have it handled.

  4. Ok not my best work,  but she has eaten a lb off that tray. and its 12:45 am. Given a rest in the retarder I can say it will pass the test. last time I cook for this group tho. 1 hour per #lb
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    Congrats! Passed the test! Did you have to inject to protect during higher heat?
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  6. No 140 in 4 cant be achieved on that run down bbq grillware unit with its 15,000 btu burner injected. No bark with this push. 10 lb largest piece ( B G ) 11 lb yield per 16 #lb according to my scales unclean. After 7 hrs in the retarder i will run thru the chopper and see. It will get finishing sauce of 500 ml apple cider to 200 ml frozen apple concentrate.
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