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  1. Ok, i have smoked on my 250 reverse flow smoker one, and made ribs. They came out great. I baught a 16 lb brisket for fathers day. So my step mother decided to invite the WHOLE FAMILY. Almost 30 people including children. So, by the time i trim my brisket Ill have maybe a 11-12 lb brisket. I was planning on making ribs also, but my question is, will everyone have a chance to get brisket before its gone? Do I need to buy another one? How many racks of ribs should I get? I want to make sure I have enough food for everyone. I feel very pressured to impress everyone now. The ladys are taking care of side dishes and desert. I got the meat. Please help me!!!
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    Gee talk about no pressure!! The number of rib slabs will depend on how you serve the ribs.  2-bone section? 3 bone?  An average slab of ribs has 12 bones in it and since the last 2 rib bones are small I count that as a 1 bone rib. When serving other meats, I serve 2 bone portions but the slab has been sliced through each rib section; this way, your guest may want a large rib bone and a small one. Some may want just brisket or just ribs.

    If you want everybody to have ribs and serving 2 rib portions figure 5 people per slab and go with 6 slabs for 30- 2 rib servings. You'll have about 5 ribs left but these may be the small  ribs at the end of the slab.

    But if it was up to me, I'd do pulled pork instead of ribs only for the fact that you'll have more meat for less cost than you'll have doing ribs.  At my local grocery store I can get double pack cryovac

    pork butts for $2.09 a pound and rack of untrimmed spare ribs is $3.25 a pound.
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    Your brisket is gonna loose even more weight during the cook.
    Throw on a butt with the ribs and brisket and you should be ok

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