The one book you should have on smoke cooking.

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  1. I seems that in many areas of the country smoke cooking faded in the mid 20th century. Home butchering had declined and few people had a reason to burn wood. The change back to the joys of smoke cooking got more attention around 1990 or so. One of the reasons for this resurgance was the book "Smoke and Spice" by Cheryl and Bill Jamison  - 1994 - 414 pages. I consider this book the bible on smoke cooking and a book everyone interested in the topic, should have as a reference. I bought one shortly after it was released and it has served me well over the years. I have many other books but if you only have one, this should be it.
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    Great,  Looking forward to some of the Qview of the food you make using it's recipes!    I really enjoy looking through old cookbooks and publications.
  3. It seems to me that the most important lessons of smoke cooking is your failures. I have been fussing with the problem for 20 years.I still don't have it quite right.Maybe next week.
  4. I also consider Smoke and Spice reference material.  I made the Longstar Spare Ribs Sat (wife went on and on about how good they were -- without sauce) and of course the Renowned Mr Brown is THE PULLED PORK.  I have a small 4.5# brisket to do the Dallas Dandy. I can't wait but will be out of town this weekend.
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  5. I agree, I have had my copy of "Smoke @ Spice" for many years, as well as two different editions of "Great Sausage Recipesand Meat Coring" by the sausage maker himself, Rytek Kutas.  GREAT BOOKS and full of facts and references.

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