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    I have been reading tons of threads on this forum so I thought it was time to join. I need some recommendations on my first fridge smoker. I have used small propane smokers a ton to do both cured items like ham and bacon as well as a good amount of venison sticks and BBQ. Building the fridge smoker to save a Little time and have better heat control very excited to join up with this group. I will post some photos of the current fridge I have a True T-35. It is in very nice condition I have all the guts pulled out wires and pump and such just stuck on one thing. I have been reading lots of thread but most seem to be old thinking things have change maybe over few years. I am trying to decide if I should take out the spray foam insulation. This fridge is built like a tank I cant even find any way that the inner and outer pierces are connected besides a press fit between them provided by the foam. 

    Please provide some input or links to old threads that would be great. I don't ever plan to go over 225 for BBQ on this smoker most of what i will use it for will be under 200 maybe 180 max. 

    The interesting thing is that I recently came to find is all the electric Bradley and master built small 30 and 40 inch smokers are all insulated with spray foam. 

    This is where I am stuck can it really be that bad if they are using it for commercial smokers????

    Please help I know this will probably get a lot of discussion at least I hope.

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