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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by paramed214, Mar 6, 2015.

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    Well I have been following in the background for a few years now and secretly learning how to work a smoker, it's has been long enough so here is my first official post of a run at 2 Boston butts. I am using a Cajun injector electric smoker. After prepping and applying rub to 2 butts about 10 pounds each. Ran temp to 250 and put meat in smoking with Apple and mesquite(mostly Apple). This it what they looked like at 165dg

    Wrapped them up and back in and let them go till temp got to 200. Pulled and let rest. Note I poor most of dripping aside to use for sauce and drizzle over finished product. Final pic

    None pulled right out, pulled apart like a champ, moist and tender.

    Thanks to all the previous posters out there. Took plenty of tips from yall!
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    Congrats on a smoke well done and welcome to the forums. You may want to go over to Roll Call and introduce yourself.
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