The Lone Realtor Rides Again!

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  1. Sorry 'bout that.  Should have said, "The Lone Realtor Smokes Again!"

    Weather is too bad to crank up the big Mom Moo, so, as promised, I went and got me an MES 30, the new, "Little Mom Moo."  Gander Mountain had plenty of 30's and only one 40, plus the floor sample, which looked pretty beat up and "sampled" and the box that the 40 was sitting in looked like it had been dropped from the Fedex plane as it flew over the store.  So, the 30 was my choice.   Since it's only me and the wife, and my neighbor, whose wife is going thru Chemo, I think it can keep us all  in meat pretty well.  

    Broke it in last night, got up this morning and  said "Up yours" to the rain, and the thunderstorms, and got under the covered portion of my deck and fired 'er up.  Have one of Jeff's Tri-tips on one shelf, will have ribs on another, and later today will place some fajita strips on the smoker.  The fajita strips get some some  smoke then are finished on the Weber Grill, rain or shine.  Of course I can roll the Weber under cover as well.  Sorry Jeff, I use my own "World Famous, Family Secret, Tried and True, Dry Rub."

    Ok members, two  quick questions regarding wood.  Having always used logs, and not chips, what's better, the really ground up chips, almost like saw dust, or the wood chips that are about the size of your thumb nail, or a little larger?  And also, do you soak these chips are use 'em dry? 

    And now, that the smoker is all loaded and smokin' what do I do now?  Can't go check it every 30 minutes, check the fire box, read the temps, control the smoke, and sit in the shade with a Shiner Bock.  Oh well, guess that's why I got Little Mom Moo.  I think.  Hmmmmm! Different kind of smokin'.
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    Use dry wood chips, not sawdust. You will need to add chips every 30-40 minutes to keep the smoke rolling. The other option is to get an AMNPS pellet & dust smoke generator, it will give you TBS for 8-10 hours without refilling.

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