The Little Shed That Could

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    Reserving a spot for my build. It will be an electrically heated semi-automatic system with dual PID controls.

    It will be able to automatically and independently control the following variables:

    1) Dry-bulb temperature between ambient and ~325 F <- PID control #1

    2) Wet-bulb temperature, with RH% between "natural" up to 80% <- PID control #2

    It will also be able to accommodate, through manual adjustment (per smoke session), semi-independent control of the following variables:

    3) Fresh air ventilation rate (intake CFM)

    4) Smoke concentration

    5) Smoke duration

    The interior volume shall be approximately 16.6 cubic feet (0.47 cubic meters).

    More to come. In the midst of both procuring materials, and building it.

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    reserved post
  3. 454casull

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    reserved post

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