The "Landman" in OZ is called "HARK"

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  1. HI fellow lovers of all things barbequed. I not long ago bought this HARK propane smoker and find it is a fine asset to the smokers arsenal of tools.

    I reckon they are bought in at least 100 lots by anyone who wants to import them and they can have any name you like stamped on them.

    So far I have smoked Trout, Salmon and Jerky with great success, and find it easy to maintain a temp of 140 f when needed.

    I have the 18 ½ “ WSM and basically just use those simple recipe's. I don't know if the pics will be able to be viewed, as photobucket doesn't seem to work well in this forum and direct upload from my computer didn't work either.

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    Looks real good!
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    Yup---Looks Real good!!!

    I like the fish the best---Like to see more & hear more about it.

  4. Thanks guys,

    We in Australia seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to prices for our smokers here. The Landman in the USA is around $140.00.  Here the HARK sells for  Aus $ 300.00.

    Considering that the dollar parity is a touch in Australia's favour ,we are getting robbed nicely.

    Smoking tucker (food) in Australia is just becoming a bit better known, and so with competition prices will come down.

    Now that I managed to at least get some pics into a post I will send some more,[​IMG] Thing is with just the wife and I, I have to limit my cooking or I will just have to freeze it , and that can be called left overs.

    I have used the WSM a fair bit and it does rainbow trout nicely. Once again I like the basic Weber recipe's as they are a good starting point. When I look at many of the posted recipe's , They seem all pretty much familiar with just some tweaking for personal taste.

    This is a before and after of the rainbow Trout. You can see the colour in the skin. Beautiful eating fish.

    I baste (mop) the salmon and trout with lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, basil,garlic,  all in some olive oil. Pretty basic.

    Some ribs as a small trial, but perfect.
  5. I just this morning ordered a Hark smoker ... price??? $470 with free delivery from Sydney to Melbourne. I've been holding off from buying one due to the price but there are no cheaper ones around.  I really couldn't wait forever as prices never seem to go down here. At least I'll now be able to smoke some pastrami etc etc etc .....  instead of paying heaps for it at the supermarkets.

    ETA ... love the fotos and I notice that your Hark is gas? I ordered the electric model
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    Looks real nice...I don`t even like chicken legs but I would eat those for sure...
  7. Hi folks,

    The fish always comes out great in these little smokers. This is a small rock fish we call Leather jacket and has to have the skin removed. But this is done for you prior to purchase. Has quite a few bones but at AUS $6.00 per kg a good option. Done the same as salmon with lemon ,olive oil, and finely cut onion as a baste  (mop).
  8. This is my latest effort on the  little Hark Smoker, sorry I don't seem to be able to do the post into thread pic system. Every thing I do works on other forums but not this one.

    This is the smoker as purchased.

    Now altered,I fitted a piece of glass from an old gas  oven

    Making the good old sausage roll. Ground meat in puff pastry. 30 min at 350 f

    Also testing a new thermostat.

    Looking good.
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    How did you attache the glass panel in the door?  Are there clips and then some type of sealant around the perimeter?

  10. What I did, is allow a 20 mm (3/4 inch) surround and silicone the glass in.Use fire rated silicone, but it wouldn't matter too much.

    Then rivet the Stainless steel holding flashing into place.It just so happened that the glass was a nice size and fit in from the bottom of the door. I took the bottom of the door of to slide the glass in and reinstated the area. If the glass was another inch narrower it would have saved me some work. Basically you sometimes have to use what you have.[​IMG]


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