The Labor Day Smoke Has Begun (Additional Pics Added)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by weedeater, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. Smoking a couple of Butts today for pulled pork for Monday. Will post pics as the smoke moves along today. Smoker fired up this morning, butts rubbed down and ready to start their journey.
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    :popcorn :cheers:
  3. Butts all rubbed down and ready for the Smoker!

    At the 4 Hour mark we are above the 140 degree safe zone!

    A Quick peak of how they are coming along!   Really starting to smell really good at this point.  The neighbors are waving as they go by in the car.  

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    Coming along nicely!

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    That's looking great,hopefully your neighbors don't eat all your hard work!
  6. That smoker is not full so I decided to add supper for tonight to the mix.  No sense in wasting all that space. Smoked corn anyone!

    How about a some boneless chicken breasts!

    Not a bad looking plate.  It was tasty.

    Meanwhile the Butts hit that magic number of 205 degrees after just a total of 10 hours in the smoker at an average of 235 degrees. 

    Here is one of them just as it was going in the cooler for a nap.

    Cooling down a little before pulling.  Bones just falling out.

    The finished product!!!  

    Thanks for looking.  Will be adding 6 racks of ribs to the mix on Monday for a late afternoon fed of family and friends.  
  7. Getting ready to add 6 racks of Baby Backs to the mix for Labor Day supper. All rubbed up and ready to go on in just a few. Will try to post a few pics as the afternoon progresses.

  8. Been waiting on the pit to cool down to cooking temp after lighting it up and it just refused to come down.  Was wanting to run at about 300 degrees.  I would open up the top and let heat out down to around 200 degrees and as soon as I closed it would steadily climb back up.  Vents all set right and even closed more than normal and still running too hot.  Then it hit me!  I had forgot to level the grill back out after cleaning from Saturdays cook.  I had raised the front end up a little on the tongue of the trailer in order to facilitate draining better.  That raise in elevation had smoke and heat getting trapped under the reverse flow plate and building up.  It was still drawing smoke out the stack but apparently not the normal amount of heat.  Once leveled out properly it is now settling down like it should.
  9. Baby Backs are on and getting close to pull and wrap time. Will get a pic or two when I wrap them up!
  10. Baby Backs were fall of the bone great.  Whole meal went great.  Baby backs, Pulled pork, Joe's Baked beans, Slaw, Brunswick Stew, Smoked Ribeyes, Chicken Breasts and homemade Ice cream for a great finish.

    Early peak

    At wrap up

    Beans and Pulled Pork

    The Spread and my number one helper!

    Hope everyone had a great Labor Day!  I know we did!!!
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    Awesome cook Weedeater!  Those butts and ribs look amazing.  

  12. Thanks Mike5051.  They were really good and some of the pulled pork will be good for some time to come.  The ribs will be finished up today!  Thanks for the points.
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    That looks like a fantastic spread you put out.  The PP--a couple of pans of goodnes, the ribs, the smoked corn, and the chicken breasts.  I've just never had any success with chicken, and its one of the easiest things to do.  [​IMG]


  14. Thanks Gary for the kind words and the points.  Joe
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    looks fantastic!  do you have any pics of your full smoker?  what kind is it?
  16. It is a trailer mounted reverse flow smoker that I built a couple of years ago.  Got lots of help from the many good folks on this site.  Here is a pic.  Others can be found on my profile page.

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    You was a busy guy! That was a lot of great looking food!
    Tell your helper she done an awesome job!

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