The #KamadoJoe Junior earns its keep tonight with Ribeyes for SWMBO

Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by addertooth, May 9, 2015.

  1. Tonight was a shift from the usual pattern.  Both step-sons were away, which left me and SWMBO.  She wanted steaks, and it was a perfect chance to put together a dinner for two. 

    Ribeye steaks with KJ steak seasoning and Garlic Butter cooked low and indirect, then seared over direct coals (with the ceramic deflector removed) on the ‪#‎KamadoJoe‬ Junior. Joined with a fresh garden salad with eggs, tomato, cucumber, radishes, carrots and Blue Cheese dressing.

    The small size of the grill (14 inches) made it launch up to temperature quickly for the low and slow phase of the cook.  After the steaks hit 115 internal temperature, it was a snap to put on some gloves, lift the main grate away with the steaks still on it.  The ceramic diffuser was pulled, changing the fire to direct heat over the coals.  The dampers were opened slightly, to get the temperature up to searing temperature.  The steaks then got their one and only flip, and a pat of garlic butter was added for the searing step.  The steaks came out tender and juicy, and SWMBO was very pleased with the evening meal.  It is good to see the Junior score high marks from the most important critic of all. 

  2. Nice Job,  Looks Mighty Tasty

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    Nice looking Ribeye's
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    Those look great. [​IMG]
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    And the egg comes in the small size dam I need one of them.
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    That Meal look glorious

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