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    I received two very special gifts 12/24/11 and got permission to post these to everyone.  This is a PM I sent after receiving them:


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    Dec 24, 2011 at 5:01 am

    ...didn't start out as a very good day...

    The first thing I did after kissing my wife goodbye as she went to work was to sit at the computer and go to log onto SMF.  But, one thing nagged at me; I needed to check if the online prescriptions from Cigna my doctor ordered had been shipped; they were in process last time I looked but not shipped yet and one, the fenofibrate, I only had 3 pills left and would run out before the long weekend.  I logged onto their site, pulled up the medications list and all 12 prescriptions said "Cancelled"!  I knew I hadn't died yet, so what was this "Cancelled"?

    I called Cigna, the tech looked it up and told me, "Oh yes, your coverage was terminated 12-13-2011, have a nice day!"

    What the...?  So I called my District Office's Administrator and explained; she said "Oh, we had to take you out of the system but it shouldn't have cancelled your insurance... I'll call you back..."

    3o min. later she called and had HR on the line who explained, "On 12-13-2011 your FMLA (Family Leave of Absence) expired and we terminated you, along with your insurance coverages too.. you should have gotten a letter from Cobra... have a nice day!"

    I was dumbfounded.  The company I'd faithfully worked for, for the last 17½ years, canned me, no notice, insurances gone, me with 12 prescriptions to get filled, doctor's office closed at noon, no way to get meds, totally dependent on the meds to prevent more strokes, wife's coverage cancelled, her with two cancers and ongoing problems... wow.  Wow Wow Wow.

    Well, as the saying goes, when the going gets tough the tough get going.   Emailed my wife and sons.  Oldest son (CEO of Thumbtechs) called Texas Workforce Commission..  "...they can fire you without notice, but cannot cancel your insurance without notice..."

    I wrote an email to Benefits at RS asking for an immediate quote on continuation of coverage.  We were paying the employee's contribution of $467/month.  Came back $832/month.  "But, the offices are closing, nothing we can do until Tuesday 12/27, you have to find the Cobra form and fill out, mail a check, etc..."  Wife was in tears at work.  

    Then, at 3:30 pm I got a call from a home-based Benefit worker who was referred my email who looked into it, saw my length of service, made some phone calls, and knew who I was as her mother shopped in my store consistently for her as she was disabled herself.  She reinstated my coverage on the faith I would pay (I had inquired about paying with credit card to reinstate coverage immediately) and called Cigna, explained it to them, and got my medications reordered and to be shipped overnight at no extra charge!

    We went grocery shopping after Linda got home from work and didn't get home until 8, got the groceries put away and I got the mail.  In it was the errant Cobra package, and more importantly was a Christmas card from Brian and his wife, along with a check for $50 and a gift card for Walmart for $50 from Brian and from Todd.  My wife and I wept, prayed and gave thanks for such wonderful people as yourselves.  I can take that back now... yesterday was a great day... I lost a job and gained a family!  Thank you so much from the bottom of my and my wife's hearts!

    I am humbled by their generosity, plus another gift previously from another subscriber of $100 who wishes to remain nameless, but so well appreciated!  

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!
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     Pops6927, I have been in a similar situation, not with the health issue, but I was on disability and the company fired me without notification too. Fortunately the company was in the wrong and could not legally fire me at the time due to the injury happening on the job. Once I hired a lawyer they changed their mind very quickly……It is a sad day, but in today’s time, a company first priority is to take care of themselves and not the employee that had dedicated their live to working for them. I pray for healing for you and your family……..and hope you had a Merry Christmas and that the New Year brings better prosperity…..ShoneyBoy   
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    I am so glade every thing turned out for ya pops.
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    That's sad that a long time employee would be treated like that, but that's the way these companies are nowadays, hopefully everything will work out for you in the future.
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    There are no such thing as careers like our fathers had. now you are just a name on a paycheck.

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