The gift that keeps on giving

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by gator325, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. gator325

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    Gator325 in Evansville Indiana.

    My daughter bought me a real nice smoker for Fathers Day.

    With a little practice I am learning to turn out some great meals.

    So far, smoked corned beef brisket is the biggest hit.

    It never made it to the table.

    It was "tasted" after letting it rest for awhile and before we knew it,

    It was "tasted" all gone.

    I now realize, although it was a gift for dad, the whole family is benefiting.

    (very clever daughter)
  2. one eyed jack

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    Welcome to the site Gator.  If your making your family happy you must be getting it right.  [​IMG]
  3. bauchjw

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    Post pictures next time!!! Fun to see others pulling it off! Try a pork butt, bone in, for pulled pork or carnitas! It lasts longer and easier on the wallet! Have fun!

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