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  1. dallassoxfan

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    ive been fighting keeping my AMNPS lit since I got it. I have an mes30. If I positioned a fan at the chip loader with it removed, my AMNPS would stay lit, but I'd only get about 3 hours out of it. Frustrating. So, I thought I'd try the mailbox mod. Then I realized that I also wanted to build in a kitchen around my built in broilmaster natural gas pedestal grill. So, I got to thinking about concrete blocks and counter tops and had an idea.

    What you are seeing below is my temporary concrete block mod that will become permanent after I buy some mortar and stucco and have time. In the meantime, the temporary solution works great. I'm on 4 hours and only through one row of the AMNPS so I know I'm good to go!

    First level of blocks:

    Four 8x8x16 concrete "cinder" blocks, one 8x8x8.

    Next level:

    Two 8x8x16 and three 8x8x8. Note the one on the right turned on its side, it will become important later.

    Next level.

    Two 8x8x16, one turned on side. One 8x8x8, and four 8x4x16 solid blocks. The solid is important.

    Here's a view from inside the "mailbox"

    See how the solid blocks and turned blocks keep a smooth surface. The one sideways 8x8x8 makes the exhaust port.

    For temporary measure, I used some styrofoam sheets and duct tape to rig the door and secure the 3" ductwork. The door is very loosely closed to keep airflow.

    Thin blue smoke:

    After I get the mortar and stucco, I'm going to add one of these 8x8 doors from Amazon to finish the job. I may have to drill a hole for airflow, but should be easy.

    8"X 8" B-series Access Panel with Cam Lock for walls and ceilings

    I'll post if I every actually finish it. For now it works very well.
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  2. drewed

    drewed Meat Mopper

    That panel is glavenized and powder coated. It should remain below the temp at which the galvanizing will burn off and kill you, but I wouldn't chance it. This may work better:
  3. dallassoxfan

    dallassoxfan Newbie

    Dang, I already ordered the other. That one looks cooler.

    I'm really not worried about the galvanization. For one, the temporary styrofoam didn't get warm and if it didn't melt, the AMNPS isn't going to get past powder coating enough to burn off the nickel.
  4. bmaddox

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    That is a cool idea. 
  5. dallassoxfan

    dallassoxfan Newbie

    It just occurred to me. Aren't the typical mailboxes used in the mailbox mod galvanized and powder coated?
  6. drewed

    drewed Meat Mopper

    Or plastic! Lol.
  7. bmaddox

    bmaddox Master of the Pit

    Yes they are but the AMNPS burns cold. My mailbox is powder coated and it doesn't even get warm to the touch. 
  8. dallassoxfan

    dallassoxfan Newbie

    Here it is. I still have the finishing touches left. Need to grind the concrete counter, paint the stucco, and seal the counter.

    I wound up having to drill a few holes in the access door to keep the AMNPS lit, but it sure did work well. Can't wait until the winter to try some cold smoking.

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  9.  Looks great. Thank you. Points for that.


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