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Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by david97666, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. david97666

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    Did you ever try this new Chef Rimer instant read thermometer?

    Looks so pricey in comparison to other thermometers, but the reviews seem out of this world, and according to customers feedback it seems to be durable

    I had many meat thermometers over the years, but all break after a few uses, so I am looking for a good sturdy one!

    Any additional recommendations of other thermometers that you can recommend will be extremely helpful?

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    Not sure which thermometer you are referring to as your link just brings up a search page - not a specific product page.

    If it's this one -  - then that is similar to a Fisher Scientific probe that I own. It's good, but the probe is thicker than Thermawand, Thermapen, etc, which means it won't respond as fast. Do you really need the extra long probe?
  3. daricksta

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    According to a couple of Amazon reviews this isn't an instant read therm--at least it wasn't for them. The price is very good. In my home we use the CDN ProAccurate thermocouple therm®-folding-thermocouple-thermometer-red

    and the Thermoworks ThermoPop (my wife wanted the purple one)

    Both are very fast and highly accurate. I bought my CDN at an all-day BBQ school class for $60. Bought the ThermoPop directly from Thermoworks on sale for $25. Seems like all therms are made in China except for Thermoworks which are made in England.

    A lot of guys like Thermawand because it's a relatively inexpensive knockoff of the Thermapen. I bought the CDN because I wasn't aware of any less expensive alternatives to the Thermapen at the time. But I like it a lot and use it for smoking (checking the internal temps of small cuts of meats), grilling and in the kitchen.

    But for monitoring both smoker temps and ITs of large cuts of meats that I'm smoking in my MES, I use the Maverick ET-733.

    We've had the three therms for 1-3.5 years total and they all still work great. I'll be buying replacement probes for the ET-733 soon just in case they fail after the 3+ years of use.
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