The brisket is on!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by junkers88, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Just put my first brisket on the pit a few minutes ago. So far so good. The digital temp gauge is sitting steady at 230 degrees. This thing is a God send, my mechanical gauges read 150 when the digital one reads 230. It's no wonder I was ruining meat before.....

    Here's the rub I used, first time ever making one and I let the meat sit in the fridge over night with the rub on it.

    4 table spoons Kosher Salt

    4 table spoons Sugar

    6 table spoons Brown Sugar

    3 table spoons Fresh Cracked Black Pepper

    2 table spoons Onion Powder

    2 table spoons Garlic Powder

    Nice light flavor, little sweet and no heat to speak of which is just how my lady likes it. (have to keep the lady happy)

    Will post up some pictures of the process as I go along. Happy Wednesday all!!
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  2. bearcarver

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    Finally got a good seat, before Al got here!

    Hey Al, I saved you a seat (shhhhh---the one that wobbles).

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  3. chef willie

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    It's 10:30 in Florida...he might be at dinner
  4. Waiting for pics.  [​IMG]

    Looks like a good rub and good temps.

    Al musta gone out for the Early Bird Special.
  5. bearcarver

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    Yeah, I heard Al was out to lunch.

    Now Junkers,

    See what happens when we get bored, waiting for future Qview?

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    Make room, us left coasters are finally waking up[​IMG]Brisket eh?  [​IMG]   Ya got a name for the rub?  How about Junkers88 Brisket Rub? 
  7. chef willie

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    Bear, lunch is at 7 AM in Florida....he's probably out to supper about this (we love ya, Al)
  8. Quick update here guys. So far so good. 2.5 hours into it and the temps just started to drop so I've got a chimney going full of fuel to go in once it's all happy and ashy.

    Before pic.


    What it looks like now.


    And something I decided to make for my lady for breakfasts this week. My first fattie!!!!


    More to come later on, just hope the beef gets done before 6:30 so we can all eat.

  9. Hmm... might have to name it. Maybe "Uncle Richards Rub".
  10. realtorterry

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    Looking good so far [​IMG]    Are those ceramic briquttes like a heat sheild or something?
  11. The little ceramic briquettes are sitting on top of a piece of plate steel (1 of 4 baffles I have in there to help regulate heat and smoke) and are there primarily to help the pit hold heat at a more consistent temp for longer periods. With my other baffle (really really thin) I had massive heat loss in a short amount of time. So far today with the new set up I've seen consistent temps for much longer. I'm considering buying some more little briquettes or possibly some fire bricks to go underneath the baffles.
  12. It's lookin good so far Junker! Wish I was smoking something today! [​IMG]
  13. 4.5 hours into it and the meat is at 142 degrees inside. At this rate I'll hit 165 a little sooner than I'd planned but that will give me more time to get it up to 205 once I wrap it in foil and put it back on. Then it's wrapped up in towels and stuffed into a cooler for an hour of down time. This is the most fun I've had cooking in years!
  14. If you get a stall you'll be glad you hit 165 early. You can always wrap it up in foil and towels to keep it warm if it finishes early.
  15. rp ribking

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    I sure hope is goes as planned and not eating at midnight [​IMG]  !!!
  16. Me too! I've got 12 people coming over to eat this thing and don't want to have an angry/hungry mob at my door! [​IMG]
  17. Quick question, when I pull this thing to wrap it in foil can I use an aluminum roasting pan and just cover it? I want to save the juice for a gravy base if I can. Thanks folks!!
  18. rp ribking

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    After thinkin' about it, the foil will help a great deal, still seems a bit to short on time. If you are short on time then you could pull it off between 185*-195* for slicing and remember to let it rest an hour or so. Good Luck!!!  
  19. Do I pull it, cut it and let it rest an hour after it's cut or pull it, let it rest an hour and then cut it? (sorry if I sound like a rookie but I am)
  20. flash

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    Somehow, I think you would be best to slice it.

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