The 'Boss' says no more using the smoker for awhile

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    Not much to say about smokers right now, but needed to share a bit. We have just been through the most 'interesting' couple of weeks. It started out with a co-worker found dead in his house on Tuesday, apparently from an accidental overdose of aerosol propellants (Dust-off). We are a small company of 5 people, so were all really close and it hit us pretty hard. Then by Thursday, our area went up in flames (Carlton Complex Fire in Washington State). While wife and I did not lose anything to fire, we were without power for 8 days, and the stress level was tremendous. We had front row seats to a lot of the fire, although most of the houses lost were south of us. My wife had to help evacuate one of her invalid clients, and it was close enough that she lost some hair on her arm from the heat radiating back from the outside of the car as she was helping her in. Needless to say, she was freaked. We have been trying to help out wherever we can with relief efforts and getting generators to those who need them. We were able to save most of our frozen stuff by alternating time on the generator. But, I talked to our local butcher, and he said he had to toss $7,000 worth of meat, and when the power went off it fried most of his equipment (there was a surge as the power went off).Life was back to some semblance of order, and another fire broke out just north of our house last night. They lost a couple of houses in that one so far, and was stopped a few hundred yards away from our church. So, we are still having to be vigilent about what we do. 

    I was watching a cooking show and they were doing a BBQ pulled pork. I was thinking maybe, just maybe.....but wife is too freaked, even if AMNPS is inside a box. So, no smoking until it cools down and maybe gets a little wetter. 

    Thanks for letting me vent a bit. We continue on and praise God for his hand on us
  2. Wishing you and yours well. Hopefully it will rain soon. Then you can catch up on your smoking.

    Happy smoken.

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    Good luck and stay safe!
  4. This has been a very dry and hot summer for WA.  I can only imagine it being much worse on your side of the Cascades.  I'm over here in Marysville just north of Seattle.  Do you guys get a rainy season over there or is it closer to the dessert?  Anyway, best follow your orders and catch up on your smoking when the season permits.  Hang in there and vent away if you need.  We're listening

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    No rainy season here...kinda like high desert......12-18 inches a year, including snow (which can get up to 4 feet, but usually 2-3 feet). Huge storm on Saturday, power went out for about 5 hours, lotsa trees down. Then lightning, thunder, hail, wind, torrential rain last night for about an hour, then sparkling clear an hour later. 
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    Must  have been that same storm system that passed by me on Saturday. It was 75 degrees and sunny and I was driving, when suddenly there was thunder, and I was being pelted with big globs of wet snow!  [​IMG]   Isn't this August???
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    Well, it has gotten a little cooler, and we had some rain (which washed out 2 of the 3 major roads into the valley), so I was able to start doing a little smoking again. I smoked a pork tenderloin today, and my wife said that it was just right. I am still working out problems with the amnps, but I was pleased with the results.

    My pastor is having a 40th wedding anniversary party next week, and has asked me to pre-smoke about 90lbs of ribs so that they can finish them off on a grill. I've never done that much before, so it should be interesting. One of the ladies at church is a caterer, and she is handling all of the food prep. I will be working with her, so at least I am not totally alone in this. I will try to post photos later
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    Really feel your hunger for Beef , but happy you are unaffected. God love you for your helping your neighbors , it's what this Nation does , help in need.

    Luck and love to you and  . . .
  9. ssbaldy

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    The smoke for the anniversary party went pretty well. I had not counted on the morning temps at 32 degrees, so it took a lot longer to get everything up to temps. I took 4 loads in the MES to smoke 90 lbs of ribs (24 racks)

    Smoked and in the tray with some apple juice, ready to be covered in foil and finished in the oven. We then put them in the fridge when cooled down.

    Sitting in the MES the next day warming up/holding at temp until ready to go on grill

    On the grill with the caterer's signature sauce

    I thought they turned out great. All of the comments were along the lines of 'best I've ever eaten'.

    Had plenty for church lunch the next day...looked like a bunch of piranhas had been there 
  10. Thanks fer sharin!  Looks good from here.  :)

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